Come back sun….

…..I want to be like this for a while:



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7 responses to “Come back sun….

  1. oh wow that’s a beautiful picture. makes me want to run and get some flowers to fill up the whole house 🙂

  2. The sun is out in the south! And the beetroot shade sunburn on my arms and legs is proof. We sat out in the sun for maybe 15 minutes max. and I got roasted!!!
    I hope the forecast will change for paris! xxx

  3. i tagged you in something over at my blog! xoxo

  4. The sun must have heard you, he’s out today…. in Cork anyway! 🙂

  5. …You want to have your nose stuck in a bunch of yellow flowers? Weirdo…


    I know what you mean. Yesterday was like monsoon season in NY. I was standing at the bus stop with water swirling around my ankles á la Shanowen Road last summer. Yuck.

  6. oh i love this! where is it from? i love the flowers and her dress is to die for xx

  7. ladiesthatdo

    I love your blog hun and thanks for the comments on ours x

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