A little letter to …Peaches Geldof

Dear Peaches,

Omg Omg Omg. I’m so excited to be writing this letter to you, although I’ll admit that part of me is really nervous because I know it won’t reach your high level of writing and so, you may think little of me.

But Peaches, isn’t it just terribly harsh to judge people who weren’t blessed with all your literary talent? I mean, I know it’s a drag when you watch all these people fumble their way through journalism degrees and english degrees to work in such a terribly low-grade publications like The Independent or The Mail, and then actually think they deserve to call themselves ‘writers’.

It’s degrading enough for them to have to do that kind of terrible job without super-talented people like you pointing it out. Like we all know how terribly beneath you we all are, but when you think about it, it’s just not possible for everyone to have your genius. I guess what I’m saying is that even though I know you hate lying, maybe you could just not point out when someone is stuck in a crappy job or on the breadline.

Oh God, I so hope I haven’t offended you. You know I love you, but sometimes your words can hurt.

I do hate to find fault with you, Peaches and let’s face it, it is nearly impossible to do! I mean you’re so interesting looking, and you have hobo chic so down that it looks natural on you, and you’re this really great writer who totally gets by on her own talent and not on her family name.

And you stick by your principles. You don’t write for crummy newspapers or conventional magazines like Marie Claire. You went off and did your own thing by working on Nylon Magazine (web publications are so the future, you’re right!), and didn’t sell out your dreams, like the working class hacks trying to pay rent and support a family in a cut-throat recession.

I mean really, I just want to say you’re my idol and I want to be like you.

I would just love to have your carefree ‘whatever’ attitude, where you step on people to get your own way and don’t think twice about it, but unfortunately I’m being dragged down by this inconvenient thing called a ‘soul’.

Anyhoo, I really hope you read this letter, although again I can totally understand if you think you’re too important to read something writen by a nobody like me.

Yours forever,


PS: I totally agree with you being a better role model for young girls than Miley Cyrus. You’re so open and honest and those girls need someone who’ll tell them that it’s not the end of the world if you take drugs and will show them how to get their own way no matter what.

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5 responses to “A little letter to …Peaches Geldof

  1. YAY! Bahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Heh. It must be nice to know that you can officially be a writer/model/muse/singer/designer etc simply because you are the offspring of someone who was once in a band. Nepotism rules….

  3. That article made me want to put my foot through the computer

  4. I am seriously praying that she reads this. She is egotistic enough to google her name, right? I hope she read this.

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