Bon Voyage…

Howdy Y’all!

Well, in 12 hours I’ll be crawling miserably from my bed and grabbing my suitcase to catch a plane to fair Paris.

But once I get into the taxi to Dublin Airport I presume I’ll be in a better mood …lol!

I’m a lot more excited now than I was a few days ago when I saw the weather forecast predict an awful week of rain and humidity and heat and thunder storms, but now it’s looking decidely better and sun is the new prediction.


I will miss you all terribly while I’m gone, but I’ve left you an impressive amount of posts today, and I’ll try and get online once or twice during my trip to publish a few entries saved in my drafts!!!

Anyhoo, I better finish my work or I’ll be stuck in the office too late to catch my flight at all!lol!!!

Talk soon!!! 🙂




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12 responses to “Bon Voyage…

  1. Bon Voyage darling!!!

  2. Eve

    Have a fantastic trip!

  3. Oh, do have a lovely trip! Dublin’s a really lovely city!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  5. Have an amazing time! 🙂

  6. Have a great time! Bring back lots of pictures. 😀

  7. Ah you lucky, lucky thing! Have a great trip x Sushi

  8. Catherine, when you’re back, how did “Voulez-vous coucher avec spoon” come about again? I can’t remember.

  9. have the most amazing time there! it is an amazingly beautiful city! enjoy it.

  10. Hey, I love that suitcase, have fun in Dublin, I’ve always wanted to visit.

  11. Sinead

    Catherine when are you coming home…??? /today???

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