Teen Queen

I came across these pictures of Emma Watson in Teen Vogue THREE MINUTES EXACTLY before I was leaving work to catch a bus to an area of the country that hasn’t even heard of the internet. So even though I’m a litte beind the times, I don’t care, because j’aime these pictures et j’adore her outfits…

Also mucho congratulations to Miss Watson for her multiple Ivy League acceptances!



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7 responses to “Teen Queen

  1. beautiful – she must have had so much fun dressing up in all those pretty clothes. It reminds me of a little girl’s dream dressing up session. (or maybe just mine!)

  2. Great use of purple.

  3. I was wondering where these pictures came from. I found the bell skirt one in a newspaper and I cut out it out and stuck it on my wall.


  4. How fabulous! Thanks for the photos. All I’ve seen on the blogs so far was the cover.

  5. Oh my gosh, these are amazing!

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