Everywhere you go

Wow, she’s actually everywhere right now!

Here are some of Emma Watson’s pictures from the August issue of Elle UK:

The Teen Vogue shoot TOTALLY outshone this attempt. These pictures are very blah and there’s no creativity or personality in them!

Oh and the cover shot is so awful, I’m not even going to post it.

It’s a sad day when a teen magazine overshadows a shoot from Elle…



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7 responses to “Everywhere you go

  1. yes, i know i saw the teen vogue shoot with emma watson and its so much better than elle. did you know emma watson is going to be the new face of burberry? she’s so gorgeous and totally not conceited, at least in my opinion.

  2. I much prefer her lady like look she had for Burberry. She’s not a rock chick. She’s a lady.

  3. Yeah, these are a bit uninspired. Still love her, though.

  4. Nothing amazing about it but I do like her eye makeup.

  5. i agree – that teen vogue shoot is much better than this – but i do really like the top shot!
    shes fabulous -loved her in burberry too!

  6. She looks amazing! She’s certainly blossomed since her first harry potter days.

  7. She is such a clothes horse.I love that Teen Vogue shoot, the styling is really strong in it, it captured much more of her personality I think.

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