There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start

*tick tock, tick tock* It’s getting closer and closer to the big First Dye day.


I still haven’t decided on a colour, although I am going to base my final decision on what the hairdresser says (unless I don’t like the look of her own hair colour, in which case I’m running away!), but I do know I just want to lighten my hair to a brown of some sort. It’s not that I don’t love my black hair, but I’m at a stage where I need to start dying it and that black dye is WAY too severe for my face…


Any suggestions as to which of these shades you think might look best?


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6 responses to “There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start

  1. Alexa’s hair colour doesn’t even suit HER so… I think either Julia’s or Kristen’s. Or Kiera’s.


  2. woweee

    red fades really quickly..and it somehow manages to leave a reddish tint…so I wouldn’t go anywhere near red. But then, you have the perfect skin tone for it!

  3. oh i think go for a reddy/auburn shade! I like your hair dark too though. I’m a tad obsessed with dyeing my hair, got into a habit of doing it about once a month, but it does fade fast when you dye it red xx

  4. Oh it’s decision time!
    Red is hard to maintain and you need to constantly look after your roots but it’s worth it.

    Saying that, I think Rachel’s shade would suit you.

  5. Eve

    I think Rachel Weiss’s shade of hair would look quite nice on you! Brown is going to look so pretty!!

  6. Rachel’s hair color looks great. I’m exited for you. Heehee

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