When I die, just keep playing the records

And I wouldn’t change a thing about it;

No, I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

In a world that’s unreliable,

These are rocks on which to cling.

Nothing’s great and nothing’s new–

But “nothing” has its worth.

Meet the real go-getter With the thrift store sweater

And the last real record store on earth!



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2 responses to “When I die, just keep playing the records

  1. hello 🙂

    I’ve lost my crook and cranny!!!! All that’s left is the photographs I took for the blog 😦 I got my antique writing desk delivered yesterday which meant moving much furniture around and losing the desk by the window 😦 I am becoming fond of my writing desk but there is not much space for creativity as my old desk had.

    Plus I think it’s haunted (just a product of it being so old and having a too vivid imagination).

    I think Anna Friel is just going to be in the stage version of Breakfast at Tiffanies. It’s not like a remake of it which would be bordering on sacrelige.

    Thank you for posting the new Alice in Wonderland pictures. I seen them in a newspaper and rued losing them (I didn’t bother buying it). The Anne Hathaway picture of her as The White Queen is jawdropping. She is almost unrecognizable.

    Hope everything’s okay x

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