If you buy a flute, you own a flute. So why is it that when you buy a camera, you’re a photographer?

I like American Apparel.

There’s one about to open on Grafton Street in Dublin, and I’m looking forward to having somewhere to buy my basics.

But, the one thing that has always put me off the store is their ad campaigns:

The lookbook shots are tacky and poorly taken, the lighting is awful and many of those girls should not be wearing those outfits!

It actually makes me uncomfortable to look at them.

I can see where they’re coming from: real girls in real clothes and all that. But I avoided the store for a long time because of the slutty-and-tacky-fashion-victim factor.

There have actually been times where I’d look at something in the shop and say, Oh there’s a possibility, and then I see the modelled picture beside it and be completely put off the purchase!

I’ve come across tonnes of fashion blogs where the authors photograph their own outfits in basic but beautiful shots that make me want to buy the clothes off their backs! So why can’t a big chain store manage it?

I dunno ….they’re fairly popular so maybe it’s just me with the problem ….



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7 responses to “If you buy a flute, you own a flute. So why is it that when you buy a camera, you’re a photographer?

  1. im going to go out on a limb here and admit to being like the one blogger on the planet that things this store is bullshite.

    heres the thing. i bought a white v-neck tshirt from there. i believe it was $18. my husband was like go buy hanes mens undershirts, like 4 for $6 they look exactly the same. and im insistent that no- this is a magical american apparel shirt. so different.

    the third time i washed it the stiching started coming out – the collar basically fell apart completely. no one wants to give their husband a reason to say ‘i told you so’.

    i shop at forever 21. i spend $15 on a dress that i know may not hold up more than 3 wearings/washings. if you dont dry it that might buy you two more. but i know that going in and i dont care because its cute fun stuff. $18 on a crap boring white tshirt just made me mad.

    so mad that i think this is the longest comment ive ever left on a blog and i apologize for the rant 🙂

  2. Haha love the post title. And now “fluter” is stuck in my head. 😀

  3. I strongly, strongly disagree.

    The whole POINT of American Apparel ads is that they are casual. They are not photoshopped because they are candid; as for the girls who “should not” be in those outfits, they’re encouraging a healthier body image that doesn’t involve unrealistically comparing oneself to a photoshopped lie.

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  5. Shirley

    What on earth provoked you to say such unimpressive things in Joanna’s direction? Seriously, what good did that do?
    Honestly if you want to shoot out some criticism look in the mirror darling, because you have a lot to work on.

    People like Joanna and I, we believe that outer beauty exists, but more so we believe that inner beauty does, and frankly my dear you don’t have any of either.

  6. Beth

    are you serious???? shouldnt be wearing those clothes? that’s not the problem. the problem is the photography is terrible, lighting, directing, posing is a little strange. but the girls look good. they are skinny, besides healthy. and it’s a safe bet that some of them are even underweight like regular models. the others are probably on the low end of a healthy weight.

    they’re all fit and trim, and anything you see that might give comparison to a more average figure, is probably due to the pose or the fact that the camera adds 10 pounds. if you pose in a situp position, your belly is going to look soft. god forbid.

    in case you were doubting it, i have absolutely no reason to support american apparel, i too think that an 18dollar plain white tshirt is a rip off considering the quality. blame it on the crappy photography and get on with it.

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