Bazaar? Try Bizarre!

Whoever is responsible for the photoshopping of Rachel Weisz on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK needs to be shot…

……so does the stylist!!!! Where’s her face!!!?????



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9 responses to “Bazaar? Try Bizarre!

  1. haha..agreed. i second that motion.
    and the jenny collection is really awful…i wouldn’t buy any of the outfits…i just put them on there to show everyone else the entire collection.

  2. Awwh your comment on my last post was so sweet! Thanks!

    Yeah, this cover is AWFUL!! What’s she wearing? Is it Balmain or something similar? Its just boring boring boring and her hair looks greasy too. Bad bad shot


  3. oh i passed a few awards on to you as well! xx

  4. Molly

    You guys are nuts, the cover looks great.

  5. Yikes, seconded! She looks SO stunning naturally, I really don’t understand why or what they would have to airbrush?!

  6. Hahaha, poor Rachel…

  7. i agree!! that always happens.. after watching america’s next top model i feel i am a pro at photos 😉 and some that i see in vogue or high name magazines amaze me at how horrible they are! i wish i’d saved some but i have thought this more than once! craziness…

  8. whooooaa you’re right thats quite the mess

  9. ARGH! Terrible, terrible cover. And Harper’s Bazaar REALLY can’t afford to be doling out these shiteous covers.

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