Gonna rain on your parade

Even in the pouring rain, Emma Watson still looked AMAZING at the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!!!!

That dress is pure fab …although because of the invisible spilt, there was quite a lot of underwear flashing whenever the storm-induced wind picked up!

But it doesn’t matter!!

She still looked great, and gotta say how much admiration I have for the three actors for continuing to pose for pictures, talk to fans and sign autographs in that awful weather …don’t think I could have done it myself!

I’d also like to give some props to Bonnie Wright, who just gets prettier and more stylish every year …although obviously she wasn’t quite ready for this picture…



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3 responses to “Gonna rain on your parade

  1. She did look so stunning, Daniel however… ugh, i think he is the biggest slime ball ever! Rupert is cute though with his red hair and tubby nose haha!!

    Just think of the presents your boy can bring back for you! Where in the south is he going? xxx

  2. Wow! She looks amazing! & you’re right. That dress is phenomenal!!!

  3. GINNY? Oh my god, I think I’m falling in love. She is gorgeous.

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