Peter O’Brien’s First Summer Collection

Peter O’Brien’s Awear collection is the absolute ultimate in (expensive) Granny Chic *cue cravings*.

I spotted it while walking through town yesterday, promptly stopped dead in the road and almost tripping up The Boy as I drooled over the ad campaign in the window.

After much persuasion from The Boy (to the amusement of the security guard watching us) I eventually conceeded to view with whole collection inside, despite my usual reluctance to make him enter a girls’ clothing store.

€190 for dress ….well, I suppose we all need some sort of unreachable ambrosia-type goal, right?lol!


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5 responses to “Peter O’Brien’s First Summer Collection

  1. I want …no …I NEED that trenchcoat

  2. I do love his A/Wear collections but they are sooooo expensive.

  3. How gorgeously pretty and feminine! I love that first dress, it’s so soft!

  4. I love O’Brien’s stuff…on the hanger. It’s classy lady who lunches. I’ve tried a few pieces on but it’s less Granny “chic” more Granny “ick” on me. I think you need to be very tall and slim to do the clothes justice.

  5. the stuff looks lovely, very granny chic. i love the full skirt especially xo

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