The Next Big Thing?

Every season there’s something that every woman, with or without fashion know-how,  in the world will latch on to. There was the leggings, followed by the leather leggings during the last Autumn/Winter season, and this time around it looks like it’s going to be the thigh-high boot:

I worry.

There are going to be some hideous sights if this trend catches on.

Although I do find myself contemplating a baggier pair in a dark brown for myself… eeep!

…..Does anyone else find Miley posing like that a bit weird….? Can she really claim that it’s ‘art’ this time?



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3 responses to “The Next Big Thing?

  1. You know I didn’t even recognise Miley until you mentioned her.

    Feckin hell. No need for that carry on – she can’t even legally drink yet let alone pose provocatively. Thats not arty, that the slutty poses of an underage girl growing up to fast.

  2. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, the only thing interesting in that Miley photo is the table.

  3. i’m probably going to alienate myself from all the fashionistas here….. but I HATE those boots! The skin tight black pvc/ leather ones. Who could seriously look good in those in real life??? xx ❤

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