Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could always rely on the world to go out of its way for you?

For about eight months, whenever I went to the cinema, this ad was on during the previews:

Whoever was sitting beside me when this ad came on, was enforced to endure this:

  • Oh I love her hair; her fringe is so perfect!
  • Oh I want her coat!
  • And her shoes!!!
  • That car is adorable!
  • That Umbrella Man is a bit creepy, isn’t he?
  • Awh I love that dress …and I want to go see Peter Pan on stage!
  • Oh oh oh, I love her room!!! Especially that clock!!!!!

    EVERY time …..



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    8 responses to “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could always rely on the world to go out of its way for you?

    1. That Umbrella Man iscreepy. I like the traffic like sprouting up from the cement.

    2. I’m exactly the same. She had the same affect on me as Audrey Tatou in …well…anything

    3. effect*

      Or IS is affect?

      Damn … now I’m doubting myself.

      *red face* Do carry on

    4. Is …IT

      *runs away before more typos are made*

      • Alice tells the Cheshire Cat, “You have no effect on my state of mind; I am not so easily affected by a berry-and-hot-pink striped feline that claims to be able to effect change on every fair-haired maiden that crosses its path.”

        Side-effects include…..

        That film has deeply affected my psyche.

    5. Wow…what a random video…the girl is really pretty though. I love her haircut!

    6. Ha-ha, this does make me want a red trench coat…

    7. I really really want that clock. It’s like a spacier version of the one in the Radio Gaga video.

      I think I sat in front of you in the cinema at some stage because those sentiments are very familiar.

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