Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve got Love in my Tummy

For anybody living in Dublin or simply visiting it, you absolutely HAVE to check out Unicorn Restaurant on Merrion Row (walk to the top of Grafton street, turn to the left and walk along until you come to the end of the park: that’s Merrion Row, far away from the rest of the Merrions!)

But anyway, there’s a fancy restaurant part and a café part and a food emporium part where you can just grab your lunch to go!

It’s amazing food!

Like, REALLY amazing!!

Best pasta I’ve ever eaten in Dublin, and it’s fresh! They also have amazing salads and sandwiches and the fancies like fritatas and quiche!

I actually work in that area and I’d avoided it for the past 10months because I thought it was expensive, but it’s not! It’s better value than the Spar I usually go to!

So yeah …just thought I’d say!!! 🙂



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4 responses to “Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve got Love in my Tummy

  1. I HAVE to you say? Okey doke 🙂

  2. hello 🙂

    cheers for your comments! I know, that boy had no manners at all!!! I was so angry at being called Blondie I nearly bust a gut trying to control myself. But my dad got really mad :S but I can’t blame them. Some people are just very rude. I was reading your post about being friends with the opposite sex, it was really interesting. I think it really depends on the individual girl/boy who are friends and their respective partners. I’m fairly okay with my male friends and their girlfriends (barring one… she is a psycho, end of) but with my ex, even when we were over, he’d go bonkers if his friends spoke to me. He called me a prostitute because one of his friends lent me my bus fare home :S
    It’s all so terribly tangled, relations between the two genders whether they be platonic or otherwise :S

    Enough of depressing topics! Take care dearie 🙂


  3. You work close th there? Me too. I eat there quite often – we have probably walked by each other many times.

    I like Unicorn – reasonable enough and they have lovely pastas. Nyom!

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