But I AM the Chosen One ….

Oh God it’s so dark! Up that age rating, Age Rating People!

Not wanting to give too much away, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the BEST movie in the Harry Potter series …well maybe since the Philosopher’s Stone, which was really just magical in every sense of the word.

I was a bit disappointed that certain parts from the book weren’t given as much focus in the film, such as a certain adult romance and the general identity of the Half Blood Prince, BUT I’m willing to let it slide, because let’s face it, the book is huge and the film is only two and a half hours long.

Also the writers added in a extra scene that wasn’t in the book, and while I was a little indignant when I saw it kicking off, by the end of it I was like WOW! I do normally hate interference with the original book, but this worked really well!

Also hurrah for the ever-hilarious Ron and new addition, Lavender!

PS: I didn’t like Mrs Malfoy’s hair ….it’s supposed to be ALL white-blonde. Shame on you, wardrobe department.



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6 responses to “But I AM the Chosen One ….

  1. i am sooo excited to go see it. with the others i re-read the book before watching it. thats not going to happen this time… so i hope i remember!

  2. Ari

    Ha Mrs. Malfoy’s hair bothered me too! When I first saw her on screen, I thought maybe she was bald on top?

    which extra scene did you end up liking – the burrow scene? I thought that kinda messed with the books a bit too much.. but I guess it worked.

    Oh and P.S. clicked thru to your blog from 20SB 🙂

  3. I didn’t like it 😦
    It wasn’t entirely bad but it was not exactly brilliant.
    They’d better make the last two movies insanely awesome. Azkaban (movie AND book) is still my favorite.

  4. just saw it! im with you on the rating- there was some stuff in there that i didnt really think was pg! but it was good

  5. Haha, the wardrobe department’s been getting it wrong since the beginning when HARRY’S EYES WERE NOT GREEN (although I guess that would be Daniel Radcliffe’s issue with contacts, not the wardrobe department). I definitely think the rating should’ve been a little higher considering the… darkness, teenage romance, and alcohol consumption (!)

  6. I agree wholeheartedly on the whole hair thing. why change that of all things…

    I think the burrow scene was put in for the right reasons to emphasise the ever present danger from the outside world.

    I also was dissappointed the fight at Hogwarts with the students just surviving because of the felix felicious was left out.

    and which adult romance are you referring to?
    Tonks and Lupin or Bill and Fleur. Because neither were given proper screentime and the fact that they’re bringing bill into it and having the wedding in the next film kinda makes no sense….

    But anyway the reason I am just commenting now is that I’ve been severely absent over the past two months in many ways and am just catching up on the blog now…

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