Zooey you know I love you, but….



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5 responses to “Zooey you know I love you, but….

  1. This looks like a shoot Katy Perry would do. But Zooey? Hm..

  2. yes she does look like katie perry! i dont like this, i dont know what it is. maybe she just needs to put her boobs away! and her eyes look a bit freaky on that first one -has she got contacts in??? shoot the stylist

  3. it is a lot of boobage – but i still like her 🙂 im in the middle of the second season of Weeds where she guest stars as the psycho chica girlfriend. kind of love her.

  4. annhyphencharlotte

    I can’t help but love her…her character in weeds is priceless! and who can forget her in almost famous?!? no me! lol just because she usually plays non-sexy roles doesn’t mean she shouldn’t or can’t start! As for looking like katy perry: I see the similarities like dark hair and pale skin, but with the shoot itself if perry was in it the costumes would be way more campy. Exhibit A: http://tinyurl.com/kkbvzl
    Also, I don’t think her eyes look that crazy in the first one, it just looks like she is channeling a 1920s movie star or something: http://tinyurl.com/nenwl8

    and lastly, Zooey has been around way longer than Katy so maybe its the reverse and Katy is channeling Zooey! Just something to think about lol: http://tinyurl.com/lbwrq4 🙂

  5. *sigh* – so pretty! And come on, she’s in a caravan! how can it even be questioned? xx

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