Blond Ambition

While out window shopping in town yesterday, I decided I’d check out the Arnotts in Jervis centre, which is supposed to be their cool, fashion-conscious, Temple Bar Chic store.

Nice clothes, but pricey brands, folks!

Regardless of not being a millionaire, it’s still a nice store to wander around in: lots of nice packaging, eye-catching displays, pretty dresses …none of which I can buy, of course!lol!

They’ve a high-fashion-interior section upstairs, so for research purposes concerning next month’s Recent Future Home Purchase, I decided to check it out, and while post of it was a bit Been There, I did stumble across this newly added line called Blond Amsterdam:

Right well these pictures don’t really do them justice at ALL, but their stuff is adorable and I have my eye on a sugar bowl, a milk jug and a cookie jar for next month’s purchases!

Check out their website to get a taste of how pretty and awesome their stuff is!!


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One response to “Blond Ambition

  1. those are adorable! what a great find 😉 let us know if you get the sugar bowl! hehe

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