Bet that I can make you believe…

The most recent episode of So You Think You Can Dance had a bit of a shake up after all the partnerships were mixed up, splitting up my favourite’s Kayla and Kupono. Because of that, I felt none of the couple’s performances were as good as they should have been, but this hip hop routine with Janette and Ade did stand out.

I didn’t think a lot of the choreography, to be honest: it was very ‘a couple of dancers messing around’ rather than a professional dance routine. BUT I could watch Janette all day! She’s fantastic!!! She has so much energy and is so contagious as a person! Her personality and her fun just sparkles in every performance ….looooooove her!

This was her awesome performance last week with Brandon…



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5 responses to “Bet that I can make you believe…

  1. Lovely blog
    Inspired me all the more as an artist and a fashion addict

    Kiss from Melbourne

  2. I loved Travis Wall’s routine for Jeanine and Jason. It was so beautiful.

  3. That second dance is awesome! And no wonder – Wade Robson directed it. All his work is just crazy amazing. This season of SYTYCD only just started showing in Aus, we’re only up to the 2nd or 3rd ep. I love watching the US version, coz the Australian version is utter crap in comparison haha.

  4. I though the Travis Wall routine was REALLY overrated, just because it was him! He was trying too hard to be Mia, I felt!
    The dancing was good, but it just didn’t do anything for me as a routine!

  5. Oh gosh yeah, it was total Mia-style but still… I loved it. I can’t believe they left it this far into the season to get him to choreograph something though. Top ten, like…

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