Rock Your Body

My wardrobe is begging for some seasonal updates right now, and I’m not complaining, because Autumn is my FAVOURITE season, and the new AW stock is starting to appear!

I do wish some new money was appearing in my account though!

Right now stripes and body pieces seem to be popping up, and floral is going nowhere, so I have my eye of these pieces from Topshop (mmmm Topshop).

Now I just have to find a decent pair of brown boots, something with a classy lumberjack feel, some fur lining maybe, that I can team with pair of long cream wool socks…



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4 responses to “Rock Your Body

  1. i love these! the stripy one is going to be a uniform purchase for me next week i think!
    i really want some boots too, TS have got a gorgeous pair of little black lace-up shoe-boots….


  2. i would really like to invest in some of these. i’ve looked at the aa ones but have heard they’re a strange fit, so thanks for bringing these ts to my attention!

  3. I love the second one, feminine, bold and sexy!

  4. floral is everywhere! i want a few pieces – although im worried they wont translate as well in the fall.

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