This Woman’s World

This week on So You Think You Can Dance, Ade and Melissa perform a Tyce Diorio routine about a couple’s battle with breast cancer ….just so sad ….everyone was in tears afterwards, including all the judges!

Youtube is refusing to embed the video here so click here to see the routine.



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8 responses to “This Woman’s World

  1. hey dear, you won my giveaway! email me your choice of wristlets and your address!

  2. Oh, this is lovely…thank you for sharing!

  3. dustjacket attic

    Thanks for coming by, yeah that was a random idea, I’m lovin the dress too.

    xxx DJ

    Totally gorgeous red heart purse I just spied!

  4. It was AMAZING…I was watching it with my sis and my mom and we were all in tears…


  5. Oh my, how incredibly powerful. I really do hope you had a beautiful weekend dear 🙂

  6. What’s up with these YouTube embedding problems lately. Very annoying. *off to watch on youtube now*

  7. I haven’t got around to watching that episode yet but I will this evening!

    ps – I remember when I used that pic!

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