Well I promised you a surprise and here it is!

Following your overwhelming support for Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Charlotte (which can be found at the top of the sidebar over here —->) I really wanted to do something to thank you all for being so lovely and thoughtful, so when ChickDownTown approached me with the chance to run a competition with them, I jumped at it!

What better way to thank you guys than with free stuff!

And so with much negotiating and bargaining and thumb-war-ing, I can now announce that A Chick Named Hermia is presenting you guys with the chance to win this beautiful BB Dakota military jacket:





I did try to get one for each of you, but alas I failed, so if you would like to be in with a chance to win this super awesome jacket (which is VERY big for this Autumn’s line-up) then please comment on this post and tell me about your favourite movie quote/moment/scene. The competition will run until 11:59am Wednesday 5th August, at which point I will pick a name of a hat (cos I’m old fashioned that way!)

Entries will be sorted as follows:

One Entry: Tell me your favourite movie quote/moment/scene (you get another entry if it happens to be one of my favourites too!)

Two Entries: If you mention this competition on your blog and feature a link to this post, but do let me know you’ve done this so I don’t miss it!

So as you can see you can have your name entered into the draw a possible 4 times, which brings you even closer to winning this lovely prize (which btw, sells at $79 normally, so bargain CITY).

So good luck to all and again, thanks to ChickTownDown for sponsoring this giveaway! It was really tough to choose an item for you guys, and tbh, I’m a little tempted to fix this so I win (lol, I won’t!!!!). Check out the site’s other collections such as Wildfox Couture and J.A.K Plaid. Also you can keep up with the guys on Facebook and Twitter.

*edit: for anyone wondering I can now confirm that YES THIS IS NOW AN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION so flock from all corners of the globe and throw your name in hat!



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73 responses to “Surprise!!!!!

  1. hah! You posted it! That scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s! and that one from men of honor when he walks in court…I loved that…show such will power! Inspiration that I definitely need right now.. I can’t think of any better scenes but I don’t know… I love that jacket by the way πŸ™‚

    Will tweet about your giveaway!

  2. Ahh!! How exciting! I’ve loved reading the new blog.

    My favourite movie scene? Geez, that’s tough, the most memorable, is when Eliza Doolittle sings “Show Me” around the streets of London. Very adorable. (My Fair Lady)

    The other would be when “Keyser Soze” walks out of the cops office in “The Usual Suspects”…first limping, then walking normally as you see the cops realise they just let the guy they were looking for go.

  3. Fabulous giveaway darling! Im so glad chick downtown finally is doing competitions for people outside the US!!

    my favourite scene is from dirty dancing when baby says to johnny: “Me? I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of what I saw, I’m scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you. ”

    Hope your well hun xx

  4. So this is sort of embarrassing because it’s not one of those fantastically classy movies or anything, but I love the scene in cruel intentions when Reese Witherspoon sees Ryan Philipee at the top of the escelator and he basically confesses his love to her. The song colorblind by the counting crows starts playing. It’s super mushy and romantic…

  5. wooo whooo! thanks for the heads up girl. the photo you put in for the jacket isnt showing up on your blog. but ill definitely announce it on mine. xoxo

  6. Oh, lovely!
    I have so many favourite scenes, it’s ridiculous!
    That Breakfast at Tiffany’s one is definitely one of my favourites, though!

  7. Call me cheesy but my favourite movie scene (and moment!) is during ‘Singin in the Rain’ when Gene Kelly is actually singing in the rain. When the policeman comes over to give him a stern look for splashing in the puddles, Gene looks up, holds out his arms and smiling sings ‘I’m dancin’ and singin’ in the rain’ as if to say …’And what? I’m enjoying myself!’ and then he gives away his umbrella and the music fades…

    I love it πŸ˜€

  8. or-so-i-feel

    This is really hard because I have so many favorites but I will go with the first one that came to mind; Pride & Prejudice 2005

    Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth ~ “If however your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you that you have bewitched me body and soul and i love, i love, i love you… i never wish to be parted for you from this day on.”
    I will post link on my blog now

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  10. ohhh what an amazing jacket! im so excited!! hmm lets see… i don’t know if i can only choose one favorite movie scene!! ill have to pick two, i know i’m so indecisive.. my first is in p.s. i love you.. when hilary swank falls asleep and wakes up hearing a guitar..and she walks out to her living room and gerard butler is playing the guitar and singing to her. and she says she misses him and he says he hasnt gone anywhere..sob!!! and the 2nd is my best friends wedding… when they sing at the table at breakfast and the two of them keep meeting eyes. hehe i’m such a sucker for love πŸ™‚ great giveaway love! thank you πŸ™‚

  11. Definitely too hard πŸ™‚

  12. Hey!

    Everything’s okay…haha. I just went away for a little long weekend trip, so I didn’t get to be around a computer much. Anyway, my favorite scene is from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and here is the link:

    I’m planning on blogging today, so be sure to stop by. And I’m also guest blogging on the English Muse!


  13. ooh schweee!

    Favourite moment/quote. It’s so hard. The one that gets me every time is the closing scene of It’s A Wonderful Life. it’s just so joyous. I end up in tears every

    β€œTo my big brother George, the richest man in town.”

  14. ali

    My favourite movie scenes, I have too many, but the two that come to mine are:
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s- The end of the movie when Holly is in the cab and throws Cat out and she is crying and Paul leaves the taxi because of an argument, but she runs after him and they find Cat and then they kiss in the rain… I love it.

    My second one is You’ve Got Mail- Once again, the end of the movie where she(Meg Ryan) or “shopgirl” is to finally meet NY15(Tom Hanks) at Riverside Park. When Kathleen Kelly lays eyes on Joe Fox, she is happy that it is him and says to him, that she wished it was him all along and they kiss… romantic.

    What are your favourite movie scenes?
    PS. Mentioning you on my blog as we speak πŸ™‚

  15. Oooo! How fabulous!!!!

    My favorite quote….hmmmm. Perhaps the quote from Becoming Jane where Tom Lefroy tells Jane-
    “But you must know how I feel….. I am yours! Heart and Soul!”
    It is so sweet!

    One of my favorite scenes from a movie is the last scene from The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, when you see the father with his family before he gets a stroke. After watching the difficult recovery process he undertakes throughout the entire film, this scene was just so sad and touching. I do wish he would of stayed alive!

  16. J’adore the end sequence in Love Actually. Even had “God Only Knows” in our wedding. Sigh.

  17. I love love love Amelie. My favorite scene is when Amelie melted (literally) at the diner when Nino left without meeting her. That was funny and sad at the same time. I love the scene where she steals her dad’s gnome, too. And the part where she and Nino finally met.

    Oh who am I kidding, I love every scene of that movie!

    Oh, I have a question, is this open to international readers? πŸ˜€

  18. Cat

    O my goodness this is such a good idea. The jacket is gorgeous by the way!

    As for my favourite movie scenes. I have two that I can think of right now. The first being from the movie The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s at a part where the main characters are lying in bed and Kate Winslet’s character asks, “Joelie, Do you think I’m pretty?” And then she describes part of her childhood to him. It’s such a beautiful scene.

    Next is a scene from none other than The Breakfast Club. ^_^
    I love when they have all called a sort of truce with one another, and they are just sitting discussing their stereotypes, when the “weird girl” starts talking about how she slept with her therapist… Basically, I love when they all come together and realize they aren’t so different.

    That’s all I’ve got.


  19. Eve

    Oh how lovely! I am in love with that jacket! It is amazing!
    My favorite quote or scene, hmm, that is a hard one. I really love the scene in Atonement at the fountain. It is so beautiful to watch and true in so many ways. I loved seeing it in the two perspectives because life is always like that but we don’t know it. With everything we do someone else sees it differently than ourselves.
    And I think my favorite quote is ” We like people for their qualities, we love people for their defects.” which is from a surprising source, Hellboy.

  20. Eve

    I mentioned the giveaway in my blog!


  21. what a good competition, i’ll have to start racking my brains for my all time favourite, theres too many going through my head right now!

    And thankyou thankyou thankyou for putting me in your ‘daily must reads’ links section! You doll!


  22. My favorite scene of all time is one from mean girls.
    Girl: Hey, get out of here
    damian: Oh My God! Danny DeVito, i love your work!
    you can see this bit here:

  23. oh and i’ve got an award for you on my blog lovely


  24. Oh, so many really good scenes and quotes in books. I love the end of The Breakfast Club when you can hear the letter. Great moment.

    I also really love in The Breakfast Club when Ponyboy sees Soda and Darry again.


  25. Calista

    From “Forrest Gump”
    -When Jenny told Forrest he was the father of Forrest Jr. When he chokes up and asks if he is like his father or if he is smart…that was so touching.
    -Also, the scene with Forrest crying at her grave, it was a heartbreaker!!
    -and I love the line “I’m not a smart man…. but I know what love is.”

  26. OK IM WINNING THIS DAMMIT im in love with that jacket haha! The best movie quote…
    would be the scene from tommy boy where hes trying to sell tires “theres a cliff! noooo…omg were burning alive!” kind of the opposite of breakfast at tiffanys but whatever – its my favorite!

  27. Rae

    Favourite movie scene of all time is the singing of Tiny Dancer on the bus in Almost Famous… as seen here:

    It makes me cry every time. Even though the band just had this big fight, its like in a few well-sung lines everything isn’t quite ok, but its definitely on its way to being ok. And then William tells Penny he has to go home, and we get a glimpse of the end of the wild trip, the fact that this isn’t real life, this singing on a bus in the middle of nowhere, as much as everyone wants to makes it their real life. William understands that and Penny certainly doesn’t.

    There are probably 50 more scenes I could quote from this movie that I love also, especially the scene before the bus scene where Russell yells “I am a golden god!” on the rooftop.

  28. How cute are you…”I tried to get one for everyone” LOL

    Ok…my fav…or one of them…He’s Just Not That Into You

    Keane is playing, and Justin Longs character comes crawling back like men do… and tells Ginnifer Goodwin’s character “You are my exception.”


  29. Jennifer

    My favorite scene has to be from the Notebook where Noah (Ryan Gosling) tries to get Allie (Rachel McAdams) to go out with him by dangling from a ferris wheel and threatening to let go. It was so cute and romantic is a funny way. You can’t go wrong with that combination πŸ™‚

    Noah: Will you go out with me?
    Allie: What? No.
    Noah: No…?
    Allie: No.
    Noah: Why not?
    Allie: I dunno, because I don’t want to.
    Noah: OK, then you leave me no other choice. (dangling on the ferris wheel with one hand)
    Allie: AHHHH
    Noah: I’m gonna ask you one more time, will you or will you not go out with me? I think my hand’s slipping.
    Allie: OK, OK. Fine I’ll go out with you
    Noah: No, don’t do me any favors.
    Allie: No, no I want to.
    Noah: Say it.
    Allie: I wanna go out with you.
    Noah: Say it again.
    Noah: All right, all right we’ll go out.

  30. 28 responses so far!! Holy Crap!! Thank God I did a post linking to this blog & this post!! =) Yay for bonus entries.

    Love you.

  31. Kim T

    Awesome Giveaway!

    I love some quotes from Jerry Maguire..

    Dorothy: I love him! I love him for the man he wants to be. And I love him for the man he almost is.

    Jerry Maguire: I love you. You… you complete me. And I just…
    Dorothy: Shut up, just shut up. You had me at “hello”.

  32. Hey Lady! Dropped a note about your competition in our blog! Thanks for the comments lately, really great to have support!

    My favourite moment in a movie is the scene in the Darjeeling Limited where they realise that the rope is going to break on the Indian kids raft. It sounds depressing but to me it conveys the goodness of humanity!

    I’m a secret fan of Enchanted too!


  33. What a great idea!! I have a few-

    In the film practical magic, it has the most beautiful script i have ever heard:” You ever put your arms out and spin really, really fast?Well, that’s what love is like. It makes your heart race. It turns the world upside down. But if you’re not careful, if you don’t keep your eyes on something still, you can lose your balance. You can’t see what’s happening to the people around you. You can’t see that you’re about to fall.”
    But the best scene in that movie would probably be the ending-

    Another scene I love is in Edward Scissorhands. The music is incredible-

    These are more obvious choices; the last scene in Titanic always makes me cry –

    and The Notebook kiss in the rain scene (always reminds me of breakfast at tiffnays which i love too πŸ™‚ )


  34. You like Hercules!? Thats awesome! It seriously never got the attention it deserved:)

  35. 1. Cool Runnings – The montage when the bobsled team are trying to raise money to get to the Olympics.

    2. ‘AND CALL OFF CHRISTMAS’ – Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Random I know)

    3. Back to the Future – Marty McFly singing ‘Johnny B Goode’

    4. Father of the Bride – When Steve Martin & his daughter are playing basketball and then it starts to snow. I cry on cue everytime

  36. What a great giveaway!

    My favorite movie moment is in Girl, Interrupted. Near the end when the girls took Susanna’s diary and read it out loud and then Lisa and Susanna have an exchange which results in Lisa breaking down:

    Lisa: You know, there’s too many buttons in the world. There’s too many buttons and they’re just- There’s way too many just begging to be pressed,they’re just begging to be pressed,you know? They’re just – they’re just begging to be pressed, and it makes me wonder, it really makes me fucking wonder, why doesn’t anyone ever press mine? Why am I so neglected? Why doesn’t anyone reach in and rip out the truth and tell me that I’m a fucking whore, or that my parents wish I were dead?

    Susanna: Because you’re dead already, Lisa!

    – Makes me tear up every single time I watch it. Angie and Winona were amazing in that movie.

  37. I read about this comp at Graces Birdcage! Woot!
    Well, my fave movie quote is very simple. It’s from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original one), when Willy Wonka sings the line “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men”. It just encapsulates my own beliefs PERFECTLY, as I cannot stand people without a sense of humour, and really think they are missing out on SO MUCH in life!
    As for favourite scenes…woah, there are too many! I must say that any movie with Johnny Depp with any scene featuring a close-up of Johnnys face is pretty damn cool πŸ˜‰ Shallow i know, but it’d take too long to describe every movie scene that i love!

  38. My all time very favorite part of a movie is the end of When Harry Met Sally:

    Harry tells Sally: “I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you’re looking at me like I’m nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it’s not because I’m lonely, and it’s not because it’s New Year’s Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. ”

    And my runner up is from 27 Dresses (yes, I know it’s cheesy, but I still love this movie). It’s the scene where Jane and Kevin sing Bennie and the Jets, one of my favorite songs.

  39. Darci

    “If you can’t say anything nice, come sit by me.” Steele Magnolias (so many quotable quotes!)

  40. Yes, the breakfast club is awesome and I must be half crazy b/c yes, I did say that again for my other answer….I meant The Outsiders. Both 80’s movies. πŸ™‚


  41. Oh wow, where to start? Probably by saying that the jacket wouldn’t fit me.

    Let’s see…

    – “The Natural” (1984) – Robert Redford plays Roy Hobbs, a washed up and ancient baseball player who has finally made it to the Big Leagues in the twilight of his career. In the crucial last game of the season he breaks his lucky home-made bat “wonderboy” fouling off a pitch. Without his lucky talisman, he asks the batboy to “Pick me a winner Bobby.” The batboy gives him his own home-made bat, which Hobs had shown him how to make earlier. Roy Hobbs proceeds to mash the next pitch for a record-breaking home run, shattering the floodlights in the ballpark. He takes his final strides as a ballplayer, running the bases as the floodlights explode over his head. Kills me every time.

    – “Thelma & Louise” (1991) – The last 5 minutes. Nuff said.

    – “Alien” (1979) – Ripley, having escaped the alien that has killed off the rest of the crew and made it safely to the escape pod, decides to go back for Jones, the ship’s cat. Edge of the seat, scary-as-all-hell stuff.

    – “Bull Durham” (1988) – for the following conversation:

    Annie Savoy: “What do you believe in, then?
    Crash Davis: “Well, I believe in the soul, the c*ck, the p*ssy, the small of a woman’s back, the hanging curve ball, high fibre, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days. Goodnight.”
    Annie Savoy (barely containing her lust): “Oh my. Crash…”

    – “Almost Famous” (2000) – The “Tiny Dancer” scene on the bus. Cameron Crowe is a massively underrated filmaker, and a master of the soundtrack. (See also: “Singles” (1992), “Say Anything” (1989), “Jerry Maguire” (1996) etc, etc.)

    That’s it, I’m outta here πŸ™‚

  42. I heard about this giveaway from Smile Because It Happened, and your question is eons better than the one I came up with (“How would this help you in a zombie apocalypse?”), and I just really wanted to answer the question, so here goes.

    I know these are really recent movies, but three of my favorite scenes are…

    1) In Slumdog Millionaire at the very end when the black screen comes on and the answer D lights up, “It is written.”

    2) In Brokeback Mountain, “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

    3) In Atonement, the clips of Robbie and Cecilia on the beach, in an imagined scene where they are alive, happy, and together.

  43. Dang Eliza has beaten me to the post on our blog

    well my fav would have to be from How To Steal A Million with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’ Toole..i just love the scene when O Toole walks into the hotel to find the lace clad Hepburn,what an amazing outfit..that lace mask…sigh..

  44. LullaPG

    i can’t help it, but every time I watch “Mamma mia” (and especialley in the song “our last summer”) i’m being brought back to my time in Greece. Those wonderful summer memories. πŸ™‚

  45. noblebeeyotch

    My favorite scene is from the movie ‘Roman Holiday where enjoying her freedom, on a whim, Anya gets her hair cut short in a barbershop facing the famous Trevi Fountain. It wasn’t a very deep or thought-provoking scene as such. I just thought Audrey looked bewitching in that scene, the self-confidence on her face after receiving the haircut proves that a good haircut is all a girl needs to be sexy.

    It may not be as romantic or emotional as the other scenes mentioned here, but i just loved it!

  46. Ahh I suck at remembering movie quotes/scenes etc! I could choose some profound quote or an artsy or classic movie, however, the one that instantly comes to mind is The Addams Family where Wednesday asks the girl scout if her cookies are made from real girl scouts haha. (the scene is around the 34 second mark)

  47. Sinead Rural

    Hello Cat… your fur is so so soft. My favourite and most frequently acted out scene is dirty dancing 2 “But we didn’t win the contast”
    “but the consulation prize was pretty good.” “I’m so happy I could see all this with you”

    ps I just read your other blog and was confused cause I thought it was real life at first and I was wondering who everyone was.

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  49. That’ contest is such a great idea, and the jacket is exactly the kind I’m looking for but can’t find anywhere!

    My two favourite movie scenes are :

    In “The Young Victoria” when Albert and Victoria are playing chess on his first visit, she asks him if he sometimes feels like a chess piece himself. She then confesses she often feels like that and he tells her : -“Then you should learn to play the game better than them”
    -“You don’t think I should find a husband to play it for me?”
    -“I think you should find a husband to play it with you not for you”.
    It’s so romantic and modern, I love it!

    I also love the end in Billy Elliott when his dad comes to see him dance, and the “Swan’s lake” music starts, it’s just beautiful!

  50. In ~Rumor Has It~ when Sarah (Jennifer Aniston) goes to her grandmother’s house looking for advice and comforting and the grandmother (Shirley Maclaine) answers the door with, “Come in. I’ll put on a pot of Bourbon.” We all need that sometimes!

  51. Natalie

    I’m not good with remembering things from movies, but I think The Notebook was really good. There are alot of good scenes in there! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!!

  52. Lisette

    My favorite movie scene is from Penelope when James McAvoy kisses Christina Ricci/Penelope. It’s SO cute! πŸ™‚

  53. annhyphencharlotte

    Wow! What a great jacket!

    Ok well it is really hard to choose just one favorite movie scene because I love so many movies but here are a couple that rockkk.

    Girl, Interrupted- There are so many great scenes in this movie but I think I’d choose the scene where they sit outside Polly’s room and sing to her and Susanna flirts with the male nurse.

    Almost Famous- The bus scene is by far one of the best scenes ever but as it has already been mentioned, I’ll mention a different one. The scene when William Miller puts Penny Lane on the plane and she looks out the window as the plane is beginning to taxi and they make eye contact and she sees him running from window to window until he gets to the end of the terminal. I love it. Its just so poignant.

    Office Space- The scene where the guys steal the copy machine and beat it up. Priceless.

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  55. Raelena

    My favorite movie scene is from Hackers when they are “hacking the planet” and they are at the subway station hooked up to the phones causing all kinds of havoc

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  56. ali

    61 responses.
    Ahhhh, holy moly!

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  58. Cindy

    I love Serendipity! Them rollerskating looks so much fun!

  59. Awesome giveaway!!

    My FAVORITE movie moment is from “Cold Mountain” when Nicole Kidman’s character is out shooting some birds and Jude Law comes walking through the snow. THey have not seen each other in months and months and she cannot see that it is him. She threatens to shoot him, and the look on his face is heartbreaking. Then he turns around and she realizes who it is and goes running to him and I just DIE it is so beautiful and sad at the same time.


  60. FaithJ

    Because I’m a Star Wars geek, my favorite movie scene is in Return of the Jedi, when Luke turns himself in to Darth Vader. They have a couple of minutes alone before Vader takes him to the Emperor, and Luke tries to convince him to leave the Empire and turn to the good side. Very powerful stuff, which still stays with me after seeing it when I was 9 years old. “It is too late for me, my son.”

    P.S. Star Wars geeks look really good in military jackets from πŸ™‚

  61. Ria


    My favorite scene is in Moulin Rouge. I guess it’s like the breaking point of the movie. It’s very sad but when Satine goes to sleep with The Duke and Christian is with The Narcoleptic Argentinian and Nini Legs-In-The-Air doing the Roxanne dance number. It all comes to such a epic point and the music and the filming with the interlace scenes of Satine and The Duke make it all such a pivotal moment in the film.

  62. A

    Although it took some liberties with historial accuracy, I loved this exchange between Victoria and Albert towards the end of The Young Victoria…

    Victoria: Why did you do it? So stupid, why did you do it?
    Albert: I had two very good reasons. First, I am replaceable and you are not.
    Victoria: You are not replaceable to me!
    Albert: Second, you’re the only wife I’ve got or ever will have. You are my whole existence, and I will love you until my very last breath.

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