Je suis incredibly happy today….

…because mon petit ami’s plane from Lyon will arrive in Dublin at 5:30pm and I will see him for the first time in three weeks at roughly 5:50pm!!!!

(I’m nearly certain I stole this from Nicole, so thanks Hen!)

I really want to spread the happiness to each and every one of you!

I don’t think I can though, so maybe if everyone remembers to enter my competition then whoever wins will be SUPER happy and everyone who enters will feel warm and fuzzy by remembering their favourite movies!!!

Lol, I’m being grasping at straws and being REALLY optimistic here, aren’t I?

K, I’m done with the gushing …back to the recession and war and stuff…

…or not!




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2 responses to “Je suis incredibly happy today….

  1. Isaac

    Glad you’re happy 😀
    That makes me happy! Which I’m sure I can spread on to others.
    So your aim will be a success which I’m sure will again make you happy.

    (That is a really nice picture too, subtly romantic in a shiney way ^_^)

  2. I am so glad your boy is back darling!!
    How are you and how was your big reunion with him?
    Mat heads off this week for work so I will be alone and b-o-r-e-d!!!!
    Hope you have had a wonderful weekend hun xxx

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