Just a quick check-in!!!

Tiring weekend, my dears, but Hurrah, it’s a Loooooong Bank Holiday Weekend for me, so I’ve another two days out of work!

I’m going to spend tonight catching up on all your blogs and maybe attempt to start organising all those competition entries before they get on top of me, lol! You’ve all been so enthusiastic, which is just great!!!

So I will leave you with a pretty picture and I’ll hopefully have something worth reading on this blog tomorrow ….please God! Oh and in the meantime, there’s a new post over on Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Charlotte. (and thanks for all the support so far …I’m determined to get people talking about that blog! It’s become so dear to my heart!)

Hope everything is well with everyone and do drop me a line to let me know what’s new with you all …I’m always delighted to get comments from you and loads of you have started to fill my inbox with emails, which I LOVE reading so keep em coming!!!!! You’re all tempting me to start featuring guest bloggers …..ooooo exciting new venture on the horizon!!!???

Sweet Dreams, Bloggersl!!!


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10 responses to “Just a quick check-in!!!

  1. Eve

    I hope your weekend was long in a good way though!
    I’m excited about the contest and that blog seems really lovely!

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic holiday! Yay for complaints that get you an upgrade! =)

    Is the Charlotte blog fiction, history/diary or present/diary? It’s slightly confusing… but very entertaining none the less! xxx

  3. Glad you’re back. You definitely need to sort through those contest entries and let me know that ive won 🙂
    Yeah for guest blogs! ive been wanting to do another blog-swap for a day, so if you’re interested let me know!

  4. Haha enjoy being glued to him again!!

    I am doing ok.. each day my emotions are different. One day I will be fine and think its all a dream, the next day I am crying non stop.

    Mat is going away for the week to… Grenoble? i think, some random city in france.
    I know its only a week but I will miss himmmm!!!

    I did get to enjoy london, it was actually very good and managed to take my mind of things during the day. I LOVE Knightsbridge and Chealsea (although I can afford nothing there!) We went exploring that area because thats where my mum used to live and dance and it ended up being amazing.

    (also managed to settle my cadbury chocolate craving by eating a tonne of it, mmm crunchies ♥)

    Not sure if I will post today or not (its only 6:30am here arghhh.. had to wake up to say goodbye to the boy.) But I definitely will share some photos this week!!
    Have a fabulous long weekend darling, you lucky thing!!!


  5. hello 🙂

    Thank you for the blog award and the heads-up on the competition. I’m going to add your new blog onto my links page, I’ve been so behind on blogging stuff I missed it :S

    take care


  6. I miss you!! I would love to read/do guest blogs!!

  7. Oh yes, i’m in! I definitely agree with you, there are a lot of talented bloggers out there who deserve recognition. the first blog that came to my mind is this: http://chelseaanncoconut.blogspot.com/

    Check it out!

  8. Oops, i left my previous comment on the wrong post! silly me.

  9. You’re so adorable and find THE best pictures. 🙂

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