Discovering the Undiscovered

So I’ve been thinking….

Blogrolls are a complicated business. I’m forever having to adjust my blogroll’s “Keeping My Eye On…”section due to blogs ending up not being what I thought they were.  I come across a variety of different blogs every day and some of those hit me straight away and make me go Wow I Want To Read More, and I link them into my blogroll so I don’t forget them.

And then I realise that when I first found them they were just going through a brief blogging phase subject-wise that appealed to me or that they’re ctually terribly infrequent bloggers or maybe that they’re just unsociable bloggers (ie: they love getting comments, but never bother returning them).

Some blogs become hugely popular due to the fact they’re horribly talented people with unbearably interesting lives, others become popular due to the fact the have a lot of money and therefore have an ever-changing wardrobe to photograph.

Some bloggers work hard, post frequently and cyber-socialise and build up a loving, if modest, following. Others managed to become popular, and believe people should follow them and not the other way round.

My point is that there’s a lot more to successful blogging than people think. Lol, and no, I’m not trying to make out I’m an expert, because I have a loooooong way to go!

Yes you may have lots of views but if you don’t comment on other blogs and welcome all visitors then are you really a good blogger, or just a coveted one? Many people will flock to you because you have loads of comments and they’re trying to get popular, but does that mean you’re one of the Elite?

In my must-reads, I tend to favour bloggers who offer something a little different, who post frequently (obviously holidays and other things can be an exception, but in general!), who comment back and take time to know their readers, who have nice photos and who are generally lovely people (or at least really hilarious!).

I’ve found that a lot of really great and deserving blogs go unnoticed in favour of The Cool Gang.

So I’m starting a project.

But I need your help, my lovely readers!

I want to get the unnoticed noticed.

And so I am going to start a series dedicated to the undiscovered blogging talents that some of us are aware of, but who mightn’t have received the attention they deserve.

I want to draw attention to the blogs that you follow religiously, and whose bloggers are good and loving blogger souls who blog their little hearts out and are kind and supportive to their fellow bloggers (who’d have thought that ‘blog’ could be used so many times in one sentence!?).

Instead of recommending the ones we all know like Le Blog de Betty, Style Rookie and Garance Doré, let’s start recommending the lurking-in-the-shadows stars.

And so I’m going to start featuring your recommended bloggers. I’m thinking of featuring maybe two a week, with each month having a theme: for the first month I’m thinking A Modern Piece of Fiction Based on Your Favourite Children’s Story….or something like that, accompanied with a link to and blurb about the person’s blog

So I’m asking you guys to comment or email me information on the bloggers that you read religiously. Therequirements are as follows:

  • that they post frequently … at least four or five times a week.
  • that they are nice and courteous bloggers …ie: take time to comment back when they can or drop you a Hey, Hi, How Are Ya, once in while …obviously you can’t always comment everyone back, but you can tell when a person makes an effort to pay back readers’ kindness
  • that they don’t get 5million comments a day …cos those guys obviously don’t need our promotioning, lol!
  • and that their writing and content genuinely keeps you coming back for more …and not that you visit their blog cos you’re their bessie or cos you both have a crazy obsession with Nazis ….

Basically the bloggers you truly know deserve more credit!!! In my Daily Must Reads, the majority of listed blogs are all-rounders: they’re really amazing sites that I look forward to reading, the bloggers are the sweetest and funniest people you could come across, they take time to drop in on you (cyberly speaking) AND they are definitely not getting the huge following they deserve (so my darlings, I’m going to be approaching you for some guest posts for this projects!!!! *cue the pinging smile and batting of eyelashes*).

So let me know your recommendations and do pass this on to your own blogging buddies and get them to do the same!

It’s time for the Little People to cry Freedom and get their recognition! (lol, I do love being dramatic!)

I’d like to offer a little incentive to people to promote this venture (cos it worked with the competition ….2 days to go, guys!) but all I can do is say you’ll feel really good about yourself to give someone else a boost!

So are you in?



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41 responses to “Discovering the Undiscovered

  1. I was enjoying You Might Be That Guy If…

    until he started doing just recycled picture posts and hardly posting anymore.

    Perhaps you will enjoy my site? perhaps!

  2. Eve

    That is an amazing idea! I’ve always thought some bloggers deserve more credit than they have received! I’ll put together an email of my favorite’s for you! This is brilliant!


  3. Awesome idea, Kitty Kat!


  4. ditheringmiss

    I love this idea. Thanks for thinking of it!

  5. I was reading this post when you commented!!! haha how cool is that?

    Thank you!! (about the job)

    I love the idea, seriously love it! I will think of all the blogs I can and send them to you! It is such an amazing idea! Like supporting underground blogs 🙂 (I think I said that due to boyfriend being in an underground band)

  6. Oh, I am so glad you told be about this. I was pondering an idea that would get little blogs noticed. There really are some lovely gems out there. Such an amazing idea.

    When I think of someone, I will let you know.

    If you need me to make a sidebar graphic for you and other to put in their sidebar, then I will.

    Oh, I am so excited!

  7. This is like the underdog story of the blog world! Revenge of the blog nerds! (nerds = all the positive connotations haha). Ahh, I’ll stop myself before I get out of hand. But really, this is a great idea. I’ll have a think and email you with what I come up with 🙂

  8. aw you know i’ve really wanted to do this. ill come across so many blogs that immediatley catch my attention and i think wow! they are so amazing! then i look over and see 45 followers and i think omg if only more people knew this blog they’d love it!! and yes, i hate commenting on peoples blogs and never hearing a peep from them. {i get busy but i try my hardest to post! i hope no one categorizes me in that craziness} anyways.. i probably have a good few for u 🙂 ill email them to you. OH and ps i emailed your givewaway winnings today! im so excited! yipeee!

  9. great idea! I’ll prepare something as soon as possible!!!

  10. I love this idea!!!!! Seriously, I am so down. I think I will feature another blog on mine (however humble and unnoticed mine is haha) twice a week from now on, just to get the ball rolling. Let me know what else I can do specifically to get involved!

  11. dustjacket attic

    I found this post so interesting, I totally related to your points. I love the idea of highlighting blogs. Some of my most interesting blog friends are ones that do not have huge followings.

    I must admit I don’t like it when you join or comment and there’s nothing … silence. Bizarre.

    So do I just list some of my fav’s for you? Someone I know has a fav blog a week that she posts in her sidebar.

  12. It was lovely to discover your blog, enjoyed checking out what you have written and showed.
    It is a good idea what you are planning and good luck with that.
    I look forward to coming back again for a visit.


  13. This is such a great idea. I found you from Down and Out Chic. I read her religiously (and we are doing our first giveaway on her site–ending tomorrow). I’ll be back with my favorites for you to check out.

  14. I just found your blog(s) today.
    I am hooked.

  15. Oh yes, i’m in! I definitely agree with you, there are a lot of talented bloggers out there who deserve recognition. the first blog that came to my mind is this:

    Check it out!

  16. looove this idea! i’ll definitely be emailing you.
    er wait – you called me chelsea you hoochie! im out 🙂 jk
    again, fabulous idea – and like i said yesterday I’m totally up for a blog swap if you’re ever interested!

  17. Awwww what a sweet idea!! I have tons of blogs for you lol…I’m prob not eligible-ewww I don’t mean it like that! But I’d rather give props to some of my must reads who fly under the radar! You’re a lovely person to pay it forward like this!!!

    P.S. I’m emailing you in regards to your comment on my “Help” post…your comment was so amazing…truly…I was speechless when I got it. Thank you so so much.

    xoxo Liz

  18. I’m IN! HAND THE PEN! WHERE DO I SIGN!? WHY …am I shouting?! ….*red face*

  19. Spardha Malik

    Hey I’ve been a very regular blogger for past few days and would love if i make it to ‘the list’!! I enjoy your blog a lot..
    do drop by!

    Much love! 😉

  20. I’m in – this is a wonderful idea!

  21. Aww, you are so sweet, this is such a lovely idea!
    I am so in 😀

  22. Meg

    i love this idea. though i must say reading the post all i could think was, i wish i was one of those people that is better about commenting on other people’s blogs. oh, i too have so much to learn!! but…i will come up with a fantastic list and send it your way!! love you and your brainy and brilliant ideas.

  23. I am definately in! Such a good idea and I can think of so many blogs that don’t get enough credit that you could feature. I’ll make a list for you and email it. So how do you want us to help? Should we all do the same and do a feature once a week on an undiscovered blog?


  24. ali

    A great idea to meet new people, well “cyberly”
    Hope you had a great holiday Monday.

  25. I just found your blog today through Grace’s Birdcage. You’re so sweet, and I love this idea. I’m new-ish to this whole fashion/ decor blog (a month) so I would love to broaden my daily reads and discover some new, talented writers. :0)

  26. I love this idea!! Athena from :Let’s Fly Away Now: is absolutely gorgeous!! A must on the list if you ask me… which you did =) xxx

  27. Well, I guess I’ll just have to recommend myself 🙂
    I’m as friendly as can be: I comment a lot, write all the time and if you’re in NYC, I’ll treat you to a glass of peach sangria. More seriously, I’m with you on “Others managed to become popular, and believe people should follow them and not the other way round.” — I think I have banished most of those from my blog roll though there are a few grandfathered in from early days. But I don’t see the purpose of blogs if they’re not interactive. If I just want to read without interacting, I’ll read something like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal, not a blog! Anyway, my recommendation for when you find new potentially interesting, but unproven, blogs is to put them in your Google Reader, rather than your blog roll. Then, if they prove themselves, you can promote them.

  28. I am so in darling girl! I love this idea so much!
    It totally bugs me when people are not courteous bloggers. I try to reply to each comment I get, yeah sometimes I am a bit lazy but I always make sure i drop by with a little hello – i think everyone should do that!
    I will email you tomorrow with recommended little deserving blogs!!
    Gorgeous idea my darling ♥ xxxxx

  29. PS. I would LOVEEEEEE you to send me some cadbury and tea so I can make a real judgment of it :p
    And I will happily send you some little gems from france!!
    Wooo how fun 🙂 xxx

  30. Count us in, great idea xxx

  31. good luck with your series, i’ll definitely be checking back. cool gangs are overrated and i completely agree that blogging is hard work. passion for it definitely shows.

  32. This sounds like such an amazing idea!! I really do think that there are some utterly fantastic blogs out there that just do not get the readership that they deserve. I would much rather read an smaller blog with lots of character, than some of the big heavyweights of the fashion blogging world who rarely comment back or correspond with other bloggers. I shall try to think up a shortlist to send your way 🙂

  33. i love this idea! all of the ‘cool gang’ as you say, starts to get repetitive. i used to only read those certain blogs and now i hardly do. my own list of blogs i follow is getting out of hand, but i always get excited to read a new blog that surprises me somehow. can’t wait to hear more!

  34. what a brilliant idea! (:

  35. Adorably Distracted


    I’m so sorry it took me SO long to get back to you! There are so many that get me through the day and that I can honestly say I’ve developed relationships without even meeting them! I think this is such a great idea!! Some of the bloggers that i just love are as follows:

    Small Town Girl –
    Miss Anne –
    Made you blush –
    Chapters of our life-
    Just Playing Pretend –

    These girls have never let me down 🙂 Good luck with your project!!

  36. OMG! I always thought it was just me who got pissed at the whole comment thing. The amount of blogs I comment on and they just don’t check my blog out…it rages me! It’s so rude… If I get a comment notification from someone I don’t recongnise I try unless I’m at work to check them out then and there!



  37. thank you so much for alerting me to this post. one of your best posts, it really does some up the blogging world. i will definitely be giving this some thought & getting back to you. have a lovely weekend xoxo

  38. Just Peachy

    This is a great idea! =]
    I’ve been a bad blogger of late, extra busy & not reading my reader – hence being 3 wks late on your post :/ but I love it & I plan to go through every link that your readers have left here.

  39. Hi! I only just read this, but it’s SUCH a lovely idea! I can’t actually think of anyone off the top of my head but I will come back and comment if I think of someone. Your blog is lovely by the way. I agree so much about those little blogs which don’t get many comments but are really amazing. I usually blog everyday yet am still not getting many comments at the moment 😦 but I will continue to blog anyway! I look forward to reading your blog more xxx

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