A little letter to ….Annoying People Who Take The Bus

Dear Annoying People Who Take The Bus,

(Specifically those of you who open all the windows you can reach).

I know you might think it’s warm: maybe the sun actually came out for five minutes and you’re feeling all footloose and fancy-free. So you waddle onto one of our beautiful Dublin Bus buses and instead of, oh I dunno, taking off your jacket, you instead proceed to yank open all the previously closed windows around you.

Now in future I would like you to take note of the following things when you feel a compulsion to do this:

  • If everyone on the bus is shivering, this is an indication that it may be too cold to open the windows. Similarly is everyone is cuddled up in their winter coats, you can assume extra cold air is not required.
  • If you break into a sweat just getting out of your chair, then you’re probably equiped with a much larger amount of adipose tissue and therefore are always going to be far more insulated than the majority of the population who are not giant fatties so deal with it instead of punishing non-obese people.
  • If you’ve just come on a bus that is about halfway through its route and all the windows have been left closed, that has to tell you that the general consensus is that it’s bloody freezing and so heat needs to be conserved. Obvious exceptions are if you are the ONLY PERSON on the bus, or if every person on the bus is armless (in which case you should politely ask if anyone minds ….and maybe wonder if you’re on the wrong bus).
  • Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s actually hot and warrants window opening on public transport: we live in IRELAND so every season is Winter.
  • All this crap about ‘fresh air’ is stupid and lame. If everyone on the bus is bundled up in winter woolies, there is more than enough ‘fresh air’ and if you let anymore ‘fresh air’ in, you’re going to give everyone pneumonia and I doubt you’re going to be the one to foot THOSE medical bills!
  • Anybody who doesn’t have two brain cells who spend their time fighting for dominance, knows that because those windows are at the top of the window pane AND only open to a 45 degree angle, any air that comes in whooshes to the back of the bus. Therefore when you sit at the front of the bus and open all the windows around you, you’re not going to notice much of a difference, but the people in the back have ICICLES forming on their faces. Basically, if you have to be so GODDAMN SELFISH and still insist on opening a window to fan your moist brow, sit at the back of the bus and open ONE window right in front of you.

You are not the only person on the bus and nobody cares what YOU ALONE want: we must work for the greater good …I’m pretty sure it says that in the bible ….or Harry Potter ….lol it was in Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows) …well Harry Potter SHOULD be our bible.

In summation, stop being selfish jerks.





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20 responses to “A little letter to ….Annoying People Who Take The Bus

  1. paramountplaces

    lovely photos.

  2. LOL, my God that must be annoying!! You should come see our summers in Egypt! BOILING hot!!

  3. ugh! how frustrating. sometimes i just hate every other human. or just those that suck.
    i looooove flipping people off when i drive -again same aggrivating human race.

  4. wow,the most beautful post i came across today!!!!

  5. Hehehe!
    This is fantastic!!!
    And, YES, Harry Potter should be our bible!

  6. I hate public transport. HATE IT. Yesterday I had to put up with a huuuuge woman sitting beside me who was having a very animated conversation with her friend. So animated that everything she said warranted her flicking her gross extensions into my face. I wanted to puke. And then on my way home, a huge-bummed lady was standing behind me and instead of holding onto the the yokes you’re supposed to hold onto, she decided she’d prefer to stumble every time the train wobbled, thus her MASSIVE ASS hit off mine every time. I moved twice. It still hit me.

  7. you tell them. – and i heart your photos.

    so i dig your idea about promoting unknown blogs. Ill send some your way.

  8. I’ve missed these little letters of yours. 😀

  9. This also, unknowingly, is a letter to my roommate. THE AIR DOES NOT NEED TO BE DOWN TO 74 IN THE SUMMER BECAUSE YOU WEIGH 100 POUNDS MORE THAN ME. At least on the bus you don’t have to pay PG&E for air conditioning.

  10. Aw…I hope those annoying people are reading and taking note! People are just inconsiderate by nature I suppose…

  11. Suz

    I am totally one of those annoying people! However, if someone near me was cold and asked me to close the window. I would defo do so! Maybe …eh…just ask next time? You’re prob never gonna see the person again!

  12. But people shouldn’t HAVE to ask you not to freeze them out of it: that’s the point! You’re the minority, so you should be considering everyone else on the bus. If everyone looks kinda cold or no one’s opened a window as of yet, then no one probably wants another open! If anything, you should be asking the person near you if they mind you opening it! Pfft, Suz! 😛

  13. Suz

    haha how do you know for sure I’m in the minority?! There are two sides to this coin Kitty! Wear a sweater – will ya?!

  14. Suz

    PS. I’d like to point out that I’m a “non-obese” person and not a “giant fatty”.

  15. Lol, I was going to point that out for you!

    And you’re in the minority when you walk on the bus to find all the windows are closed and everyone is wear jumpers and coats, and you have a longing to throw open the windows and freeze everyone.

  16. Suz

    Oh ok! Thanks for clarifying lol. So if I get on the bus and some but not all windows are open – can I open the one next to me? Please tell me oh queen of bus etiquette! 🙂

    Would you rather be cold or have the person you’re sitting next to smell like B.O? ha This is a good debate!

  17. Just exercise some common, non-selfish observatory skills …and if in doubt, ask the person next to you or in the seat behind you if they mind!

    And I just wouldn’t sit beside someone with B.O 😀

  18. oh so true, i’m with ya on this one!

  19. Aya

    I am so sad that he died! And was surprised to see how many movies he’s done! I didn’t even realize until I saw a memorial on him… ;>_<;

  20. People on buses are so frustrating! The people who annoy me most are the ones who think that its ok to tell you about their whole lives in the space of 10 minutes – just because I travel the same journey as them…

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