Must I dream and always see your face

I feel as though I’ve been a very bad blogger this week!

Normally I’d have a good two posts a day, five days a week, and out of shame, I’m just refusing to look back at how much I’ve blogged this past week and a half!

I’ve been busy! And in the last few weeks have multipled my blogging responsibilities by a million, between my long-time-friend-blog Hermia, my new baby Are You There Blog? and Diamond, the recent addition to my lovely family, who is the most demanding, but most rewarding of the three!

I did take a half-day pour moi today, just to relax and look at something that wasn’t a computer screen!!!

Diamond in the Rough is going through the final stages for its grand debut 2moro, and the last week has been spent trailing through LOADS of blogs and confering with all of the beautiful bloggers who were so enthusiastic and just dying to get involved in this good cause, as well as buysing myself with general blog-building, idea-generating and trying in vain to organise my inbox.

I dunno how Perez does it!!!


It’s been great though! It’s been such a great experience and seeing how quick all you guys were to push your fellow bloggers into the spotlight was just so refreshing and generally good for the soul! (there were obviously the few trying to shove themselves into the spotlight, while stepping over fallen old people and dying puppies, but I’m going to forget about that!)

So tomorrow will be the ‘official launch’, I suppose, of Diamond in the Rough. I’ll post an exerpt here with a link to the blog, but REALLY what I’d love is if all of you guys stuck Diamonds in your sidebar and gave it a shout out on your own blogs! (the image and link is at the top of my sidebar to the right!)

Remember, it’s for a good cause! You’ll be promoting the smaller blogs that should TOTALLY be like WAY FAMOUSER!

Plus you’ll be building yourself up a nice Worth Reading list without any labourious searching on your part!

So I’m going to put the finishing touches to Diamonds now, and I’ll be back next week with proper posting about stuff that isn’t just other blogs and competitions!lol!

Unless you want other blogs and competitions….



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3 responses to “Must I dream and always see your face

  1. wootwoot diamonds are a girls best friend

  2. Eve

    I know how tough it is to have several blogs! It ends up that some get more love then others! heheh!
    Yay! So exciting to here Diamond is becoming a reality! I’m so happy!


  3. Oh boy, you do sound like a busy bee! Can’t wait for the launch of diamond in the rough!

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