There’s no where to go but home to Avenue Q!

Oh oh oh, I never told you guys!

The Boy’s birthday is coming up next month and considering the fact that he’s successfully obtained his degree and will be officially graduating soon (hurrah!!!) AND the fact that he’s having a bit of a lame time with his job right now COMBINED WITH a huge shortage of money for both of us because we’re saving for Australia, well I thought he deserved something a bit special for his birthday (White Rabbit, no dirty sniggering!!!).

So with a not-so-stressful amount of research I managed to track down a relatively cheap trip to London for a long weekend during September!

*pause for cheering and applause*

And being the lovely boy he is, he did feel it would be cruel for me to be in London and NOT see a musical of some sort, so he said he didn’t mind if we went to a show during one of the nights.

Swell boy, right!?

BUT I did compromise and found superbly cheap tickets for Avenue Q, which I saw on Broadway a couple of years ago.

This is no ordinary musical.

With a cast that is half-human-half-puppet, songs that include If You Were Gay, The Internet is for Porn and Everyone’s  a Little Bit Racist and an entire scene dedicated to puppet sex, this is THE boy musical.

They should take more advantage of that in their ad campaigns:

Avenue Q -The Musical for the Man who is too Manly and Awesome and Straight for Musicals….

….or something like that!



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23 responses to “There’s no where to go but home to Avenue Q!

  1. a girl inmy class had a countdown in her planner for when she was going to see it and i’m pretty sure a month or so after she saw it she’s still humming the tuens 😀

    hope u enjoy urselves!

  2. So sad it’s closing on Broadway.

  3. It’s closing in London too ….we’ve tickets for the Monday of the final week *sob*


    DCU Drama musical 2012?

  5. Sounds brilliant! I’m jealous!

    Thankyou for the Diamond post, it was the first thing I read when I got back from my holiday! I have so many blogs to catch up on! I need to check out all the others on the Diamond blogroll.


  6. And another person is going to London.. Pete lives in England 🙂

    Ahhh I want to go to London, and take the train to Paris. (I am not whining, I SERIOUSLY can’t..)

  7. I resent that comment Hermia – I only sniggered a little!

    I love Avenue Q. I know all the words and Boyfriend did NOT appreciate me singing along loudly whenever we went to see the show in the West End

    You’ll have such a great time!

  8. I wanted to see this when we were in London but we never had the chance. Hope you have a great time!

    p.s. I figured you would be somewhat busy with your blogs 🙂 hehe

  9. ditheringmiss

    I saw this when it was in San Francisco and have been wanting to go again ever since!

  10. Oh, I’ve heard that’s awesome! What could be better than puppets with potty mouths… 🙂

  11. Aww you guys are sweet to each other.

  12. Oh, I’ve always wanted to see this every time I visited London, but somehow never had the time or the chance. I’m sure you’ll have a great time! Nice of the boy to treat you to a musical 🙂 Lovely blog by the way!

  13. You are coming to London! what a present, hey. Avenue Q is so so funny you will love it. Although I don’t know how our west end compares to your broadway, but hey ho, it’s london baby!

    I’ve just been on diamondintherough and I love it too – and am shamelessly promoting my very first giveaway after a few months of blogging right here so please stop by!

    H xx

  14. I love Avenue Q it is sooo funny! ANd btw I just had a chance to really look at your blog finally and I LOVE it, keep up the wonderful work!

  15. omg ive heard this show is hilarious – you’ll have to tell me how it is! you know…for when it comes to kc on tour 🙂
    i saw Wicked in london recently – totally speechless, it was amazing!

  16. dustjacket attic

    Hi honey, I’ve put a link on my sidebar for DITR, just see if your happy with the wording, just wanted it to sound upbeat.

  17. annhyphencharlotte

    Oh I’m so excited for you! I saw Avenue Q in London in 2006 and I absolutely lurrrved it! There is no way your boy wont love it too 😀

  18. I’ve been living under a rock and only just discovered Avenue Q a few weeks ago. I was like, hey, cool, puppets! And then was like, wait, WHAT are they singing about? haha. Hope you have a fabulous time on your London trip!

  19. how sweet are you!! i heard that avenue q is amazing, im so jealous! 🙂 hes a very lucky boy!

  20. Ahh I love shows and musicals!! Avenue Q will be fabulous! And that was so lovely of you to buy him a little holiday (also, you get to go shopping on Oxford Street!!!)
    And soon you will be in Aus avec moi!!!!
    Hope your having a fabulous day my darling (I wrote a little line about Diamond in the rough in my latest post) xxx

  21. Ahh! How fantastic! You really are the sweetest GF! & the fact he’s so willing to see a musical…just for you! You two sound adorable.

    ❤ Happy birthday to your boy for when it comes around xx

  22. Ooh I really want to see this. Apparently it’s very funny. I thought I hated musicals but I went to Billy Elliot the other night and it was amazing! Lx.

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