With Hope You Burn Up

The night is bitter,
The stars have lost their glitter;
The winds grow colder
And suddenly you’re older –
And all because of the man that got away.

The man that won you
Has gone off and undone you.
That great beginning
Has seen the final inning.
Don’t know what happened. It’s all a crazy game!

No more that all-time thrill,
For you’ve been through the mill –
And never a new love will
Be the same.



Filed under Movies, Music, Photography

6 responses to “With Hope You Burn Up

  1. Oh this is …talking to me.

  2. guardadocumentos


  3. This is lovely.

    I can’t cope with all the comments after the Diamonds post! Haha! I’m so excited to see who you feature on tomorrows post


  4. lovely.
    The picture is breathtaking!

  5. i love this photograph, i would love this little box & key

  6. these words are amazing. (:

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