What I Wore Today…

….oh except my skirt doesn’t have that ripped stuff!

And FYI, that skirt is much shorter than you’d think ….it looks great because it’s high-waisted but I have to be careful about protecting my dignity!



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9 responses to “What I Wore Today…

  1. nice outfit, i love the shoes 🙂

  2. I thought you didn’t like high waisted denim skirts…?

  3. That’s the thick light denim skirts I don’t like ….and usually cos they’re too long as well.

    This one is grand cos it’s not obviously denim, it’s got that cool zip to distract from the material and it’s short ….plus I’m normally going to be wearing it under tops like that jumper so you don’t really notice it’s high waisted!

  4. I covet those shoes!!! Like…if they go missing…I dunno 🙂

  5. Eve

    So cute! I want to see you in it though! Heheh


  6. Aww what a lovely outfit!!!!! I am so jealous you live in Ireland!!!! If I could live anywhere, it would be in Dublin or Cork!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I could go on and on! ❤ ya girl.

  7. i’ll take the shoes off your hands if you’d like 🙂 p.s. your present hasnt been shipped yet (sigh i’m so sorry!!) i’ve been so so so busy i havent been able to make it to the post office yet.. i went one day and actually would have made it but there was too much traffic. its on its way my dear!! loves!

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