But then someone in work told me…

I’m having a mild crisis.

As you all know, The Boy and I are planning a move to Australia (Perth to be exact) in February.

As soon as anyone who knows me hears this, they all reply “You? In that heat!??” followed by laughing and that Are Ye Mad look.

Well I’ve ignored this. Yes I hate the heat, yes it makes my hair go crazy and that upsets me, yes I detest sweating, yes anything above about 20’c makes me incredibly cranky.

But sure I’m not going to care ….this is an adventure!

But then someone in work told me about this poison-filled spiders that are in Perth, and I freaked out.

I fear needles and that has dripped over to include any insects that bite and suck blood or put something else in, like poison or baby insects.

The lovely Bambola has sent me a nice little email calling me a crazy person because you hardly ever see them, but this came AFTER many hours of internet horror stories regarding these spiders and also my work mate’s own Attacked By Killer Spider story.

So I immediately told The Boy and he, knowing what I’m like (being there for The Mosquito Incident and being my ear during the I Couldn’t Sleep For A Month incident when I was convinced a bedbug had stowed away in the my bag from Venice), he knew this was a serious setback.

The weather I could probably deal with, but being constantly in fear of coming in contact with something that could cause me pain and possibly end up with an antivenom injection!?

You might call me a coward and you might be right, but it’s A fear like claustrophobia and I don’t think I can do a lot about it.

But then other botherments I’d been ignoring came flowing forward:

  • What if something happened by brother while I was gone and I didn’t get home in time? He has a heart condition and I really don’t think I’d ever forgive myself if I couldn’t get back …being two days of flying away is a BIG risk.
  • There’s a good chance things mightn’t work out over there, and considering the cost of flights and the fact I’m giving up a good job to go there, is it really a risk we should take?
  • Also The Boy’s nanny hasn’t been well this year, so I know he’d feel bad if he wasn’t there, and I’d feel bad because Australia was my idea.

So we spent nearly four hours in our favourite diner discussing this, and while we haven’t scrapped the Australia idea, we’re aware of the fact that it’s not really the perfect plan for us anymore.

So we’ve to come up with alternatives.

We have to do something: it’s our last big hurrah before we try this whole Grown Up thing and I know I’d regret it if I just gave it up now.

  • It has to be during 2010.
  • It has to be at least 6months long, otherwise it’s not worth my while giving up my job.
  • We will need to work at some stage during it, cos our savings won’t get us THAT far.

Initially we had this great plan of working for 6months in the US and then travelling around Europe for 4 or 5 months, but US visas are near IMPOSSIBLE to get when you’re over a year out of college (which I am) and don’t have ten years to waste waiting for your visa to come through.

It’d be TOUGH getting jobs in Europe cos we don’t speak any of the languages (well apart from The Boy speaking French).

Canada is a possibility, but they’re not accepting working holiday visa applications for 2010 until December and I’m reluctant to leave this all up in the air until then.

Guys …..any suggestions?



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18 responses to “But then someone in work told me…

  1. The only reason I never plan to ever visit Austrailia is because of the bugs so I can empathise

    What about teaching English in Asia?

  2. Bugs, injections and having to exercise patience with people trying to learn ….somebody’s going to get hurt …lol!

  3. Oh no! Australia IS a long, long way away. I went for 2 months a few years ago and was terribly homesick. Could you not do your idea of the US and then Europe and find work as holiday reps in Europe? Now, I don’t mean 18-30 vileness, but when I was younger we always stayed on campsites in France or Italy or somewhere and there were always English holiday reps with Eurocamp or some other company like that. You’d probably get a free caravan to stay in and I think you can work just checking people in and out, or cleaning caravans or something. And the English holiday companies would want English people working for them!

    Good luck making your decision!


  4. i live in australia and the bugs are really not that bad! especially if ur living in a city! umm.. the weather too only gets extreme during the middle of summer but it only lasts for around a week before it gets bearable again. if u want a cooler part of australia why not tazzie (tasmania)? its always that tad bit cooler down there 😀


  5. Rae

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a red back. My boyfriend doesn’t know anyone who’s been bitten by one and he’s been living here for 30 years (AKA his whole life). They like dark places, but the old adage is true – they really are more afraid of you than you are of them. And they’re really fun to burn!

  6. ali

    Canada would be great 🙂

    I am scared of spiders as well, probably not as much as you. But I can’t sleep either, if I know one is in my room or around me.

    Last winter we had mice in our house, now try to imagine that. So scarey, especially when you hear them in your closet in the wee hours of the morning.

  7. Woooo thanks for your suggestions!

    Lol, Ali I can visit you if we end up there!

    Emma, that holiday rep thing sounds like a good idea, thanks for that!!!

    Cyp, I’m an Irish girl so like 18’c is roasting pour moi!lol!

    And Rae, you may have a potential serial killer personality! 😛

  8. Have you looked up about the spiders? I hate bugs that bite too, ick! Thank you for putting me in your blogroll, yeay!

  9. that’s so cool that you’re movint to australia. that’s something i want to do one day and i’m sure that you’ll do fine.

  10. How about Japan? I’ve never been there, of course. But you can teach English there. I hear it’s cold there, too. 🙂

  11. DONT leave Ireland! You already live in the most beautiful country in the world—why would you ever leave it?!

  12. dear hermia, im pretty sure we’re long lost twins or something. i too, hate being hot. like HATE it.
    BUT bigger than that – my husband and I want basically the same thing. 6 months-year out and about. the last hurrah before grown-up-ville.

    We were just saying that its too bad we couldnt find a couple in England or Ireland that we could literally just trade places with. They could come live in our home and we could live there. And, like you – we’d need to work (and were deterred by the visa situation). Like that movie the Holiday! You totally live in an adorable country cottage don’t you? Because wouldnt you know it – we live in this sprawling mansion in beverly hills. And Jack Black is my neighbor. So lets make this happen!

  13. as a note – you would would hate kansas city in the summer. because i cant stand the temps! wait- did i say kansas city? beverly hills. i mean you’d hate the weather in beverly hills.

  14. i couldn’t g to australia for all of the reasons you mentioned. i wish i had done a stint in another country when i was younger – nyc preferably

  15. Ahahaaa I loved the comment that said redbacks are fun to burn!! ahh that made my night. I sent you a BIG email darling xxxx

  16. Eve

    Hmm that is a bit of a crisis! I’m sorry!
    Well I visited Vancouver Canada a couple years ago and feel head over heels in love with it, so I would say there. And its also cool all year round!
    But I really not sure of anywhere else!
    I hope it works out!


  17. Suz

    Talk to Steve and John – they LOVE Canada and are thinking of emigrating. Everyone I have spoken to that’s been there has loved it. Plus, u can go visit the US on holidays 🙂

  18. Darling! I gave you an award on my latest post xxx

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