Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!

I’m very behind in blogging this morning (well this week in general), because work has been so busy! But The White Rabbit is now up on Diamond in the Rough so give her a look-see! 😀

Blog: The White Rabbit

Blogger’s Name:Au Lapin Blanc (the rumours are her parents were crazy hippies!)

Location: Northern Ireland

Why We Like Her: We don’t really …she paid us to put her blog on this site.


(The Rabbit removes the gun from Hermia’s head!)

No but seriously …do you guys like her??? No we don’t. We LOVE ADORE AND WORSHIP her! …see what I did there???? She’s a self-confessed Nordie who “likes stuff and enjoys things”. We like stuff. We enjoy things. The obvious conclusion is that we’re soul mates and so, we must love her blog! She’s one of those Made To Be A Comedian people who finds dry hilarity in everyday anything…

.Read the rest of her profile HERE

I thought I would never find love. I was awkward. I was all frizzy hair, bucked teeth, cheeks, arse, belly and wind. I was a sheltered child. For most of my life, my parents kept me locked up in my room because they thought I was allergic to pretty much everything. Turns out the doctor made a terrible mistake – my face wasn’t swollen due to various reactions; that’s just what I looked like. Not a good start. I was clumsy, I had no obvious talent and I’m sure you remember the persistent persecution by my peers of my constant companion, my pet rock, Rocky. I was not blessed with imagination either as you can see.

I stood on the bottom rung of the social ladder. I didn’t scream girlfriend material but you, oh you my darling, you were my knight in a waistcoat; my Prince Charming.

We met years ago when we were younger in school. You kind of knew me through a friend of a friend of a friend who once got the bus with me.

I remember the first thing you said to me, Angel

‘Do you have a sharpener?’

Such a magnificent gift with words you have! I know what you were really trying to say. You were trying to tell me that you fancied the arse off me and you wanted to make me your little wife.

I liked you instantly because you could do amusing little jigs and were the snappiest dresser around. Nothing changes much there. Everyone wanted to be around you because you were cool and enjoyed the company of Ninjas…

...Click HERE to read the rest of the entry!



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2 responses to “Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!

  1. or-so-i-feel

    what a riot…

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