You Know You Love Me

A preview of Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) in the upcoming issue of Elle …Hmmmmm …



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9 responses to “You Know You Love Me

  1. oh i totally have this photo saved in the favorites. not sure what my fascination is with chuck bass. crush!
    shes ok haha

  2. or-so-i-feel

    love them…

  3. I love these two together!

  4. OMGOSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I NEED that magazine!!!!!!


  5. Chuck. Who would have thought it from the early episodes? Oh, Chuck Chuck Chuck.

  6. I’ve never watched it but this photo makes me want to , he is HOT! Not keen on her black lipstick though xxx oh and i love todays Diamond post! xxx

  7. oooh i love him (even more so with his english accent, gosh I nearly had a panic attack when i found a clip of him on Casualty, gringetatstic!)..and leighton meester can we arrange a hair transplant?

  8. Methinks their trying to shake the Gossip Girl prepster image. Ah ha. Gotta say I’m lovin’ her hair!

  9. Leighton + black lipstick = big fat NO!

    But Chuck/Ed here is swoon-worthy.

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