Quick Award

The wonderfully thoughtful Belle from It’s All Make Believe, Isn’t It? , on top of being a bit of a rock for me this week, has given me this gorgeous award:

Thanks Hen!!!

In light of the help I’ve received on the Diamond in the Rough project during the past couple of weeks, I felt I needed to give this to the few bloggers who have been a MASSIVE help with my attempt to promote smaller bloggers that deserve some recognition! There are a large number of bloggers who have helped (you know you are!) and I do thank you with all my heart (lol, somebody better be giving me an oscar to warrant a gushy speech like this!!!!) but there have been a few that have gone above and beyond what I expected.

So to the following people, I give this award:

The White Rabbit

Kisses and Cross Stitches

Backwards and In Heels

Grace’s Birdcage

For The Easily Distracted

(and Belle, but obviously she has this already!)



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5 responses to “Quick Award

  1. yay for the award xoxox

  2. I’ll be your rock any day darling!!
    Your definitely a big support for me as well! xxxx

  3. Thankyou darls!!

    I’ve been away from the computer all weekend (had my birthday party yesterday, which I am just about to post about) so I’ve only just seen it

    Much love


  4. Eee, thank you! How exciting – its been a pleasure helping you 🙂

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