Check it out!

Athena from Let’s Fly Away Now is today’s featured blogger on Diamond in the Rough! Yay!

Head over there now and have a look!

Blog: Let’s Fly Away Now

The Blogger: Athena

Location: Australia

Why We Love Her: Let’s Fly Away now is this dreamy escape from the rest of the world and we’re constantly in awe at how talented and insightful this recently-turned 15-year-old is.

Hmmmm sounds intereting ….do go on: Well she has a penchant for poetry and she features really beautiful photos on her blog, which are a mixture of sourced images and her own carefully created ones.

Click HERE to read the rest of Athena’s profile

Click HERE to see the rest of the Alice in Wonderland photos created by Athena for our Modern Twist on a Childhood Story



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5 responses to “Check it out!

  1. ali

    I still can’t believe she is only 16, such a talented lady.

  2. Wow I love the pictures she has used 🙂

    & I am so sorry, that is my sisters email address :s
    Mine is

    sorry for the mix up darlingg!!


  3. Dammit! LOL! I typed 16 instead of 15 and fixed it on the original post on Diamonds, but forgot I’d copied and pasted over here.

    But yeah was 15 during the last couple of weeks which is even MORE amazing!

  4. Eee, thankyou once again sweet one!
    And ahaha, and yes, 15, not 16 😉
    though it feels like I have been 15 for more
    than the wonderful 13 days it’s been!

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