Don’t want to write you a love song ….but a story should be ok!

Please toddle over to my very good blogger buddy Nicole’s blog to check out her new project!

It’s very very lovely and is definitely one that will warm all our hearts!

“i’m such a swoon over love.
i also believe that everyone has a love story.
the project will be called “it’s a love story.”
it’s simply really…
tell me your love story.
it may be the love you’re currently in…
a past love…
your first love…
it can be happy, sad, fun, short, forever…it doesn’t matter.”
So if you’ve a story to tell, visit her page to give her an email, and she’ll post your piece on her lovely blog My Teacups in Peony.


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3 responses to “Don’t want to write you a love song ….but a story should be ok!

  1. I am taking part in that!!

  2. youre amazing! thanks for spreading the word!! and i may need to hear your story.. this moving in together thing has made me excited for u! good luck with it all and im so glad that you’re so at peace with your decision. yay for love and for hopefully traveling the world. you’re amazing 🙂

  3. that is such an adorable idea!

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