The night’s busting open, these two lanes will take us anywhere

Hello Lovelies!

Well some of you might remember my recent crisis post as to what to do with my life (well, the next couple of years).

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking, the short version is basically that moi et The Boy were supposed to be moving to Australia (from Ireland) in February for a year, but after some ‘signs’, some negatives and poor family health, I was having a mild meltdown as to whether or not we should actually go.

We have arrived at the answer.

That answer is No, we are not longer moving to Australia.

However, after much discussion and snots and tears, we have devised a new plan.

A much better plan.

A plan that feels like THE plan, the RIGHT plan, the We’re Finally On The Right Life Road plan.

Myself and The Boy …..

….are moving in together!

True story.

If plans go to plan then by October, I will be all loved up with my lovely boy in our own little apartment (well our own little rented apartment)!

I’m too excited!

And then we’re applying for Canadian visas in December to keep our options open, so that we can move to Canada for three or so months next Septemeber/October, come home for Christmas, and then tour Europe for a couple of months.

But that part isn’t set in stone ….it’s more of a If We Still Feel Like Living Abroad For A While plan. And a darn good one at that.

And you see, I think this is what we were meant to do.

I’m a firm believer in signs and instincts, and while we were like Wooo Australia, it was more Wooo Travelling than Wooo Australia.

And when we were talking about not going, the only reason I was sad was that I thought I was depriving The Boy of going somewhere he really wanted to go.

Except he was happy to be living abroad and with me, not living in Australia.

But this plan ….this plan has ‘clicked’, it feels right, I don’t feel anxious about it, I don’t feel like I’m battling doubts into the background.

I feel like I’ve finally arrived home after pottering around for the last 22 years and I have that warm, comfortable, safe, happy feeling in my belly when I think about it.

I really do think this is a fate thing.

You really have NO idea how COMPLETELY happy I am right now!

Even though a really mean PR lady has just treated me horribly and was nasty and pretty much said she was going to make a complaint about me for being unable to fulfil her unreasonable and frankly, stupidly impossible, request.



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18 responses to “The night’s busting open, these two lanes will take us anywhere

  1. AHHHH How exciting!! I’m so happy for you. Ok, I’m a little sad you won’t get to see Australia just yet, but I’m sure you will one day.

    What a fantastic next step! Maybe I’ll pop over & say hi when I’m in Europe!!

  2. EEEEEE You’re moving in together!! AND traveling ❤

  3. guardadocumentos

    how romantic this is , lovely post ,

  4. awesome! congrats – that sounds like a great plan

  5. eeee, how wonderful, congratulations! So glad that you have figured it all out 🙂

  6. oh this is so exciting and i’m so happy this has worked out for you and the boy. too cute! not feeling anxious is huge too, so cheers to that!

  7. Congrats! I’m chuffed everything is working out 😀

  8. Congrats! I hope there is nothing but co-existing bliss ahead.

  9. ali

    oooh how great!You must have butterflies in your tummy about this who new exciting adventure awaiting you two. :):):)

  10. Aw!! I am so excited for the both of you!!! Now you can do all the fun stuff like searching for a place together and buying furniture!
    I am excited to go house hunting again in aus haha, i love it!!!
    I am very happy you have found something your comfortable with and what is best for you !!
    I must definitely send you some real australian things that you will miss out on… like a large jar of vegemite! Mmm yummm!!! xxxx

  11. Eve

    Yay! What a good plan! I’m so happy for you!!!


  12. How exciting! Belle is right, you get the brilliant task of house hunting and the even better job of decorating and buying all the lovely things to furnish your flat with. And you can still go travelling as well (to considerably less-scary places!) Me and my boy only moved in together recently and I love it! The only bad thing is that we have 3 lodgers to help us afford the house but I love waking up with him every morning and one of my favourite things to do at the moment is browse charity shops and antique warehouses to find little treasures to put around the rooms xxx

  13. i’m glad for you.moving in with the person you love and ,maybe, getting the chance to travel.have a dreamy day.

  14. That is so awesome! Congrats!!

  15. Oh Canada, oh Canada, nana na naaaa naaa na nana….

  16. Oh how exciting! I also believe in trusting your instinct, so all the best with your new plans!

  17. YAY for you two! Moving in together is so much fun. When it comes to designing ideas, you and the boyf might clash so it helps to have a pre-made agreement. Me and my boyfriend agreed that he’d handle the living room/office while I do what I wanted with the bedroom. 😀 Well, just realized you did not ask for advice. So..moving on.

    Yay again for you for your going-away-to-other-places plan. I should convince my boyfriend about this since he only wants a car right now. Tsk tsk.

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