If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!

Blog: Grace’s Birdcage

Blogger: Alissa

Location: Kansas

Why do we like her? Cos she loves Lady GaGa!!!!!!! She loves Lady GaGa SOOOO much that she threw a party with a Favourite Musician theme, so that she’d have an excuse to dress up like her!

WOW! Lady GaGa is AWESOME, which makes Alissa awesome for her dedication to her ….why else is she awesome? Well not that you need a reason other than the Lady GaGa one, but I will humour you anyway…

Check out the rest of Alissa’s profile HERE.

Beauty and the Beast was my favorite children’s story growing up. I (pathetically) could still recite Disney’s version word-for-word in high school. This editorial from Vogue 2005, shot by Annie Leibovitz, has always been one of my absolute favorites. I paired each shot with some of my favorite quotes from the movie and a piece of vintage jewellery from etsy.

Click HERE to read the rest of Alissa’s guest post!!



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6 responses to “If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!

  1. Gorgeous new blog!!!
    arghhh doll!
    I have been waiting for the postman to come and today he rang the bell!
    I got excited, buzzed him in and ran down the stairs, opened my post box and there was nothing!!! So i went outside to see him and I said “Excusez moi!!! you ran horne-llobere!! Where is it??” and he said “Desole, desole, pour le doctor….bonne journee” …….. seriously buddy??? he rang my bell for somereason when he was giving a package to the doctors office which is the building next to mine?!!? these postmen are weirdos.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with reciting anything by heart from your youth. I can do Star Wars IV, V & VI, Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Jurassic Park and several episodes of Wacky Races.

  3. i love her…:)

    hey, what teacups!

  4. oh oh I get it now! thank you! Nicole is amazing don’t you think?

    Sorry for being slow!

  5. This photo of Drew in the rose garden is gorgeous. I adore your blog, miss thing.

    So glad you found me!


  6. Just checked it out, her photos are deelicious! xx

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