If You Just Smile…

Diamond in the Rough is featuring the lovely Eve from Smile Because It Happened….

Blog: Smile Because It Happened

Blogger’s Name: Eve

Location: California

Why we love her: One of the main reasons is that she creates the most wonderful photo shoots. The colours are always amazing and the shots themselves are so simple but still so beautiful.

Click HERE for the rest of Eve’s profile….

To see the rest of Eve’s Secret Garden pictures, click HERE



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8 responses to “If You Just Smile…

  1. passfaster

    second one is really a nice photo.

  2. what a cute little blog; a true diamond! thanks for sharing 😀

  3. Wooo I love all these new blogs you have made me discover!

  4. I love Eve =D I like all of her blogs. SHe is also very good at telling stories, which is a definite bonus.

  5. Kat

    wow this blog looks stunning -will definitely check it out.
    ps. your diamond in the rough project is such a great idea:-)

  6. Eve

    Yay! I’m so happy! Thank you so much deary!!


  7. on my way to check it out…

  8. wow i love these photos i loe the first one how her face is blurred and all focus is on the key

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