Mischa Barton just knocked over Kate Bosworth!….Oh, like that’s so hard!

I know I’m well behind the times, but I bought Season 1 of Ugly Betty last week and OMG I LOVE IT!!!!

Just finished it last night, and WOW what a way to end the season!!!!

Oh and how ADORABLE is Henry with that cute little crooked smile!?

And even though they’re kinda hideous people, I kinda TOTALLY want to be friends with Amanda and Marc!

Can’t wait to get Season 2!!!!



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15 responses to “Mischa Barton just knocked over Kate Bosworth!….Oh, like that’s so hard!

  1. i’ve seen a few episodes of ugly betty season one last year, i loved it:)

  2. i didn’t finish the first season due to time constraints but seeing this makes me want too! i feel the same way about amanda and march b/c they’re pretty ridiculous but i still like them.

  3. i only saw a few episodes of it when it first came out, but i never really stuck with it. it looks like such a great show though!

  4. I sort of want to dress up as Betty for Halloween and wear her ugly red poncho 😉

  5. everyone keeps telling me to watch ugly betty and gossip girl, lets see how long it will be until I give in…

  6. Eve

    Isn’t it exciting to find new TV shows?
    It’s like discovering a cake in your kitchen! Splendid!


  7. Oh I am so excited for the new Ugly Better (such a guilty pleasure), and I even got the hubs into it. We love amanda and marc!!!! hahaha

  8. erin

    i love ugly betty too!

    i haven’t been a very good viewer for the last bit though, and only really straight watched the first season.

    but i adore it 😀

  9. oh i’ve only seen an episode here or there – i need to rent them and check out the whole thing!

  10. I love Ugly betty so much i really wouldn’t mind watching the series all over again on DVD!

  11. Is it good?! I need to check it out…I always Tivo-ed it before Greys but never watched it.


    GET AN LBD lady! 🙂

  12. Ahaha!
    Ohman, I love Ugly Betty!
    She’s so, so endearing.
    And mygoodness, this show is fantastic

  13. its a really cute show! ur so gonna love it..

  14. i really liked the first series but haven’t been able to get into the rest 😦

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