It’s a worldwide phenomenon

While discussing apartment stuff on gmail with The Boy yesterday, I suddenly had a worry:

2:53 PMme: Man I’m not going to be able to rock out when I live with you
The Boy: rock out?
2:54 PM me: As in blare pop music and dance around miming and playing air guitar
2:55 PM The Boy: how long a day do u do that?
and lol lol
me: Dunno ….random bursts every couple of days
It’s not funny, lol!
2:56 PM The Boy: why cant u do that with me there?
me: Cos it’s a private thing
Very embarrassing
Can’t do it with an audience
The Boy: k i will just stay in the bedroom lol
2:57 PM me: Lol no it doesn’t work like that
The Boy: sure when im out  u can go mental
me:  🙂
Well no, cos I’ll be too scared at being alone …lol ….scarlet
2:58 PM Lol I bet you’re just dying to walk in on an air guitar session … 😛
The Boy: i am 😀
me: Lol ….do you not rock out?
The Boy: lol no
2:59 PM i really wanna see u do it
please please please
u can even paint the chimney purple lol
me: NO!
It’s private!
It’s like therapy
A good miming session with some bum wiggling is good for the soul
The Boy: k wat if ur like ‘oh i need some spare time’ then i will be like ahhh k and i can go over to the square
3:00 PM bum wiggling?????????!?!?!?!?!!?
me: It can’t be planned
The Boy: ah ive seen u do stuff like that b4 im sure its jus a more insane version of it lol
me: It’s spontaneous
Can’t believe you don’t know about this
The Boy: u never told me
3:01 PM me: …..when have you seen me do stuff like this!?
No I mean in general ….it’s a worldwide phenomenon
Oh and bum wiggling ….I just mean super fun dancing where you don’t care if you look cool or whatever
The Boy: u have done it the odd time in front of me hand as a mic, jus shakin ur head a bit
me: Lol …….I have no memory of ever doing that
But sometimes I like to sing along ….but obviously I sound terrible so I can’t have people in the immediate area
3:03 PM Avril and Busted are quite good for this
3:04 PM The Boy: k when u tink u will be in the mood play busted or avril then i willleave  n u can go mental for as long as u need

So what songs do you guys like to Rock Out to?

Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me is doing it for me right now!

Plus she rocks out herself in one part of the video!



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15 responses to “It’s a worldwide phenomenon

  1. Haha so true! My boyfriend needs to accept that I WILL sing cheesy songs at the top of my voice in the shower when we move out so The Boy needs to accept the rocking out. Its the only way

    (Busted are sometimes my band of choice too)

  2. Surely he does this himself but don’t worry. you’ll find time. Even if it’s only in the shower in the mornings.

  3. LOL you are funny!!

    I secretly like Taylor Swift!x

  4. awww, you’re missing out, we rock out together all the time, its so much fun. In fact it may be one of my favourite parts of living together!

  5. On a complete side note… You’re not going to have your bedroom anymore! You’re going to be SHARING. WITH A BOY. You big grown-up, you!

  6. Oh God ….what if I get cooties!!???

  7. Michael Jackson all the way girl!

  8. or-so-i-feel

    what an adorable exchange….

  9. I bet he will be joining in with your rocking out soon enough! I am also loving Taylor Swift right now.

  10. Cooties? HAHAHA
    My boyfriend, bless his soul, does not care if I am here when he feels like rocking out. But when I feel the need to do that, I make sure he’s not around. 😀

  11. Eve

    That is such a lovely funny little conversation! I love it! I rock out to all sorts of things, super embarrassing….
    Hehe. Anyways, right now “the Calculation” by Regina Spektor keeps me dancing around the room! Also “Polite Dance Song” by the Bird & the Bee, causes the exact opposite thing to occur then the title would suggest.
    Don’t you just love those crazy, spurts of dancing?


  12. hahaha!! This made me chuckle! Loads of songs make me ‘rock out’ but florence and the machine ‘dog’ days’ is doing it for me right now! xx

  13. ali

    I love love love that picture.
    PS. dance like crazy sista, how knows, maybe he’s a crazy dancer too. You guys could have like a little dance competition?
    “Break it down now”
    :):):) Hope your having a great day.
    And again,
    Your doing such an amazing job on Diamonds!!!!

  14. this one’s sucha cute post.. me and my sister do it all the time!! Its like an important ritual of female bonding!! lol

    I love the whole Black eyed peas.. ‘I’m so 3000 and 8 ur soo 2000 and late’ I wud die if a guy sees me goin total nuts.. But i guess its part of movin in, knowing each others silly ways. go rock out gurl 😉

  15. aaahh! this is really cute!

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