Argh and Woohoo!

Argh: Work is terribly busy today so blogging will be at a practically non-existant minimum.

Woohoo: I couldn’t RESIST posting about The DotComGiftShop. The wonderful Eliza J from Blaubushka recommended it to me when I asked for some apartment decorating sites and OMG they have the most beautiful stuff!

I’ve clocked up a £600 basket in “Oh I’d Like That” clicks, but obviously I’m going to have to trim that list a bit!lol!!!

Anyway, here are some of the things I won’t be crossing off the list….



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13 responses to “Argh and Woohoo!

  1. wow they are sooo cute especially the doughnut magnets and the teapot! the picnic basket is making me crave spring sooo much can’t wait till september officially begins 😀


  2. Aw, such cute little things! Love the doughnut magnets especially…I’m a sucker for doughnuts! 😛


  3. Eve

    Those are so cute! Wow! I love the donut magnets!


  4. i’m clicking on the link….. right now….. xx

  5. and i’m heading over there right now… 🙂

  6. Ohhhh, so cute! I love the doughnuts one (obvs)!

  7. LOVE the donut magnets!! I hope worked calmed down for you today darling!
    GUESS WHAT?????? The post man let me know i had a package to pick up!!! So i went and so a rather large box full of the most amazing goodies!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH DARLING!!!!! I am about to make Mat a hot chocolate and myself a Lyons tea so I will let you know what I think of it :p
    I am not sure how long the chocolate will live for.. I presume they won’t be here tomorrow as i would have consumed them all!
    thank you sooo much my darling, you made my day!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Kitschy fun! How is the apartment hunting going?

  9. Thanks for the shout out lady!

    Eliza xx

  10. I’m mildly obssessed with those doughnut magnets – though I fear if I came home tired or drunk, or tired AND drunk, then I might just try and eat them. Which wouldn’t be good for many reasons. The main one being metal objects, like cutlery, would stick to my belly. Can you imagine explaining that one?! x

  11. all so lovely! thanks for sharing!

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