So we grow up with these preconceived notions about how love is SUPPOSED to be…

Say hello to Adele over on Diamond in the Rough….

Blog: Poptart

Blogger’s Name: Adele

Location: UK

Why we like her: Eh, have you SEEN her URL ….

WOW THAT’S AMAZING ….and even though cool url is TOTALLY reason enough to read her religiously, why don’t you humour me and tell me some more: Well…

Click HERE to read the rest of her profile.

When these photos on Disney’s fallen princesses by Dina Goldstein were made public, I think many mothers took action by hiding them from their own little princesses. After all, they weren’t exactly an accurate depiction of the singing fairytale maidens we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing. For starters, they were missing their singing forest friends.

To read the rest of Adele’s guest post, click HERE


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