Je suis not in a good mood today….

Je suis….

  • sick
  • soaked
  • doing an early, longer shift in work
  • doing double my workload in work
  • tired
  • in pain from the physio
  • the possessor of greasy hair
  • and oh yeah, SICK!


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14 responses to “Je suis not in a good mood today….

  1. aww thats terrible…! i hope ur back to ur zesty self soon.

  2. fe

    Same here…. Sometimes shit happens. That’s life.
    Hope tomorrow’s a lot better.

  3. hope you feel better 🙂

  4. That sucks =( Hopefully it all gets better from here. A cosy night in with a book or some good blogs & some sleep ought to do it.

  5. dele

    oh, do feel better! xoxox sending positive energy your way!

  6. Sounds pretty awful. Hope you get better soon! x

  7. oh no, i hope you feel better soon. i’m soaked too and that is no way to start a long monday!

  8. hope you feel better . . . 😦

  9. Jeepers, that’s me on a good day! My life appears an awful lot worse now.

  10. Awh sounds like you need some Butler’s hot choc and a yummy crepe from Lemon,I’ll be in Dublin this week..hang in there and I’ll get you treats!

  11. Awh sounds rubbish darling!
    I hope tomorrow is better for you
    Chin up!

  12. aw my poor darling!!! I am about to make you feel worse by asking you to guest post!!
    have a bath, drink green tea and rest up as much as you can darling!! (don’t you just hate when u still have to go to work!!?? grrrrr) xxxx

  13. Eve

    I hope you feel better! I tagged you.


  14. I hope you feel better by tomorrow! I really do. And don’t let work get to you 🙂

    It’s okay to take a day off, you know?

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