Making a Move

Wow this is a big day for Diamond in the Rough!

First of all,we add three new authors to the tiny family of One and now we’re officially moving!

For future Diamonding, we can be found HERE

(I should add that it’s DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH that’s moving location not me, A Chick Named Hermia ….ah the perils of multiple blog ownering!)

For those of you who don’t know what Diamonds is, well SHAME!!!!! It’s a super awesome blog that promotes smaller bloggers!

Over the next couple of weeks, hopefully you’ll see the Diamond Project grow and grow and be better than I’d ever hoped it would be!!!!!!

Don’t forget to update us in your blogroll!

The new URL is

If we’re not in your blogroll already, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!!??? Consider it your good deed for the week, cos hey, we’re helping out our fellow bloggers with this!!!!

And if you really want to make us smile, then doing a post on us would be pretty darn swell!

Peace Out!!!!!

See you on the other side….



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8 responses to “Making a Move

  1. or-so-i-feel

    this is such a great thing you are doing… i have loved all of the treasures you have put up so far, can’t wait for more.

    hope you are feeling better!

  2. wow! I’m excited for this move 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the new blog!

  3. 3 great choices to help you out! I look forward to seeing Diamonds grow xx

  4. That suitcase is so fabulous, worldly + chic. I love a well-traveled gal!

    Cheers to all of your successes in this multiple-blogging business.

  5. Just added it to my blogroll!

  6. dun dun dun i need to update my links!

  7. HERMIA – you have NEVER SEEN TOMMY BOY? do you realize how upset i am about this? im using CAPS hermia. thats how upset. please go rent it immediately.

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