Friends forever

Hey guys!

Go check out Diamond in the Rough which features the lovely Penny Lane today!!!

Don’t forget that Diamonds has moved to a new location, so update your URLs to THIS.

Blog: Penny Lane Style

Blogger’s Name: Penny Lane

Location: Spain

Why we like her: Well one of the main reasons we love reading Penny’s blog is that she makes fashion accessible. We all love clothes, but sometimes the catwalk’s offerings can be a bit daunting to an untrained eye. Penny always manages to pick out the pieces we can relate to and can actually see ourselves wearing!….

Click HERE to read the rest of Penny’s profile.

Just think of happy things…

…and your heart will fly on wings…
/simplemente piensa en cosas que nos hacen felices, y tu corazón volará con alas…

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The image of such a sentence, and the first thing that comes to my mind too, are a big smile and a heart with wings on it. It turns kind of funny, so i draw an automatic smile. But then, i keep on thinking, and the truth is this sentence is deeper than that.Thinking positive is the only thing that make us possible to stand up after falling down, that’s what makes us believe that whatever happens, we can go on. After a while of reflecting, i even consider it synonymous with hope.
So, as peter pan once said: let’s think of happy things =)
/La imagen gráfica ante semajante frase, y lo primero que llega a mi mente, es una gran sonrisa y un corazón con alas. Me resulta cómico, y automáticamente sonrío.
Pero luego sigo pensando, y lo cierto es que la frase es más profunda que eso. Pensar en positivo es lo único que nos permite levantarnos al caer, lo que nos convence de que pase lo que pase podemos seguir adelante. Tras un rato de reflexión, la considero un sinónimo de esperanza.
así que, como dijo una vez Peter Pan: Pensemos en cosas felices =)

Friends forever /amigos para toda la vida

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To read the rest of Penny’s guest post, click HERE


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  1. Okay, that is an amazing name for a blog.

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