Stop the Itch

I very much like this dress from Topshop ……..even though I’ve some vague memories of crying because my mum tried to make me wear something similar when I was 5 ……..I was a tomboy ………who hated wool …… itched ………

I also kinda want these dresses …..



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6 responses to “Stop the Itch

  1. I went to Topshop yesterday, they had a 75% off sale… I got a dress, a pair of flats and a coin purse! Guess what? I only paid 340 Egyptian pounds! (37.95 GBP!)


  2. haha! i know exactly what you mean. so many things are coming back into style from when i was a girl and they often remind me of my tomboy days! when my mom used to force me to wear my hair down and put on a pretty dress. i hated it! so funny how times have changed 🙂

  3. oooh, the pale pink sheath is soooo pretty.

  4. Eve

    I love that first dress soooooooooo much! Its adorable!!

  5. I might still be a l’il tomboyish but that dress is soo cute 🙂

  6. The floral one is cute. I work there, so I get really sick of the stuff. You’ll all hate me but I dont even take advantage of the uniform!! Hope your week is better than last week xx

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