My mother just informed me….

….that a GIANT package just arrived for me.

I love you DotComGiftShop!!!!

I will post pictures of me rolling in homewares tonight.



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8 responses to “My mother just informed me….

  1. Ohhhh lucky girl!! I love homewares!!
    haha and yes i did get up ridiculously early! i am not sure what was wrong with me!!
    I will miss you too darling 😦 I liked our morning comment sessions too!!
    Have a lovely weekend sweetheart and we will speak once im in aus!!
    (A package should arrive for you next week !)

  2. i love receiving packages. have fun!

  3. Ooo cant wait to see what was in it!

    I should really buy uniform and auction it off to my readers! But I think I would get sacked for that….. I DID buy 4 lovely pieces this time round – the stripy body you posted about a while ago, some cute tan buckled shoes, an a-mai-zing cream dress with jewels around the neck and a woolen pencil skirt with little silver beads on it.


  4. well, I think my definition of cold is entirely different than yours! Lol! temperature drops to around 20 degrees during December but we have been gettin colder winters and winter night are even colder ( 9 degrees maybe?) see? You would call that a warm winter, I think

    And the fast! hah! We break our fast at 6:15, so I get back home from work at around 4 and sleep till then. LAZY!

  5. Ooh! How exciting! Love getting packages in the mail. Especially brown paper packages tied up with string… although that’s only ever happened to me once in my life. And it’s because I told a friend to send me one for my birthday haha. Can’t wait to see all the homeware-y goodness. xx

  6. It will be like housewares porn!

  7. hey .. wow haven’t seen anybody this happy for homewares!!
    cant wait to see whats in the package 😉

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