Just to give you an idea of what my life is like right now….

Today, I got up at 5:30am. 2 hours later, I arrived at work and ate a small box of paprika pringles and white chocolate buttons because I couldn’t be spared for 2mins to get something breakfasty in the shop.


Anyhoo, yes the package yesterday was MASSIVE! Like I could have gotten into the box and there still would have been room for a toddler to sit on my lap!


But when I got home (after being told I was back to my usual 9am shift) I got a phonecall to tell me Oh wait actually, you have to come in for 7:30am.

Because the person I’ve been covering for all week just didn’t feel up to coming in….

So I was angry and tired and made myself more tired by being so angry and so, spent an hour taking all the packaging off my new purchases and putting them all back into the box.

I also had to ignore the fact that my room then resembled  a pigsty.

And I went to bed at 10pm having sacraficed my remaining free hour catching up on all your lovely blogs instead of taking pictures of the awesome homewares.

I’ll try and do it over the weekend though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring on the sleep!!!!



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3 responses to “Just to give you an idea of what my life is like right now….

  1. Oh dear…so sorry you got messed around – what do you do for a living? Why did they simply have to have you in that early?! xxx

  2. Okay, just snooped and found out – what is that exactly? xxx

  3. i’m sorry):
    your work life sounds like my volleyball life! 6 hours of sleep, 5 hours of volleyball… lovely. get some rest tonight! it’s the weekend, yay!

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