Parental Passages

So as I’ve told you all a hundred times, I got a package yesterday *pauses to snigger at the word ‘package’*

As I also told you, it was filled with homewares …for The Boy’s and my new apartment that we haven’t got yet but will have soon …we hope!

So obviously, while my parents are happy I’m happy, they’re also coming to terms with the fact that their Little Girl is moving into a Den of Sin with her boyfriend and my mother seems to be fretting about the possibility that we’re going to get secretly married within a week of living together.

True story.

So obviously the arrival of such an obvious I’m Moving Out parcel was going to spark some awkward conversation which I’ve been holding off since the announcement a few weeks ago.

Not the ‘sex’ talk, but you know, the awkward ‘couple’ talk.

Ma: So will The Boys mam spend a lot of time visiting you guys in the apartment.

Me: Huh?

Ma: You know, will she drop in for tea and stuff like that.

Me: I don’t know. I wouldn’t think so.

Ma: Do you not think she will?

Me: Well it’s not like that. It’s not an Our Home where we invite you all over for Sunday Lunch: it’s just a place for us and somewhere our friends can hang out.

Ma: Yeah but you’ll still have us over.

Me: Well not really. It’s like when I lived in college last year: it’s just a friend-like place. We’re not a “couple”…

Ma: You are a couple.

*At this point my brother patiently intervening to explain the new phenomenon that is the First Place with your Bf/Gf…*

Brother: Yeah they’re a couple, but they’re just taking The Next Step.

Me: Eh, yeah.

Brother: It’s not a Serious Place, it’s just their place.

Me: Yeah. Look it’s be different if we were getting a mortgage on a house and settling down there, cos then yeah you’d be invited over loads ….well not loads, but maybe for tea. This ….well you didn’t Pop In For Tea when I lived with my mates last year, but just because now it’s The Boyfriend, we’re not  all of a sudden married 40-year-olds that have dinner parties and family dinners.

Brother: Yeah, it’s just somewhere they’re living.

*pause as my mother tries to understand our youthful ramblings*

Ma: I’m inviting you two over for Sunday dinner though.

Me: MA! No your not! You never invited Lyndsay over for dinner when we lived together. I came home for Sunday dinner every second week alone cos your MY family.

Ma: I did invite Lyndsay.

Me: Yeah once or twice in a “You know Lyndsay’s welcome for dinner” way, not a “You are cordially invited to attend a Sunday Supper at Chez Our House” way.

Ma: But he should be invited…

Me: Ma, he has his own family. They live 10mins away from us. He can go to them. I’m not going to his house for Sunday Dinner. It’s so WEIRD and AWKWARD…

*pause while she processes this*

Ma: Why have you been mentioning weddings so much recently…?

Oh God!

Just to clear that up, I mentioned weddings once last Saturday when I was shopping with my brother for his Debs suit and he refused to consider a really cool grey pinstripe suit, so I told him “Well in your face, cos this is what I’m making you wear to my future wedding and you’ll have no choice so HA”, or something equally as mature!

And then the following day, Me and Ma were talking about icing and then discussed my parent’s wedding cake and then I said “I don’t think I want the big traditional cake. I just want the top tier for the cutting and then lots of cupcakes!”

Perfectly innocent and not the obsessive Wedding Talk my mother’s decided it is!




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12 responses to “Parental Passages

  1. argh! Don’t mention weddings around any family members is the way forward. My friend brought her wedding planning folder to our family bbq at the weekend and my Nan and Aunt swooped in on her faster than I’ve ever seen them move – awkward questions about us getting married then followed… argh!!

    Luckily my Mum was too busy to look but her favourite phrase at the moment ‘I’m sure it will happen when you are ready…’ what does that even mean?!

  2. LOL your mum is funny!! Mine is too! x

  3. oh my gosh, arent moms the WORST when it comes to stuff like that. at least you didnt get the question..”so do you spend the night at josh’s at all” me..”um, what!?” mom:”nicole, i know youre at that age..and you two are serious..if you ever need to talk just let me know.” me:”um, yea…ill just ignore that comment and erase it from my memory if it’s possible.” ugh. parents. oh and i’m supposed to be getting married in the next year, and expected to have a baby not too long after according to her… maybe ill move far, far away…

  4. haha, how funny. she’ll get used to it, but i will say, i love going to b’s parents house for supper. 🙂

  5. So true about the awkward and weird dinners with the boyf’s family. JUST POSITIVELY WEIRD. And now my boyfriend’s family think that I’m some antisocial weirdo.

    Your mum is funny.

  6. haha I hate those awkward talks! I think it’s so funny you’re leaving Ireland and right now I’m trying to move there. Girl, I don’t understand why you’re leaving such a beautiful place!

  7. Eve

    I love your little story! Its funny and cute and interesting, everything a good story should be!

    Thank you so much for moving me to the must read area! It’s an honor! ❤


  8. hehe… god i dread such conversations! your mum’s cute though!

  9. ha! love this post. i can feel my own awkwardness in anything family/bf related while reading this 😉

  10. Hahahaha! I never read this and I don’t know how I missed it! I laughed at Den of Sin for ages before I realised it was right and didn’t say Sin of Den…

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  12. How we love our parents when they come up with cute antics and all… ha.. cute.. 🙂

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