Baby it’s cold outside…

The chill in the air yesterday made me desperate to buy a few Winter Woolies, so I invested in this lovely Topshop creation….


Nothing better than a Comfort Jumper….

…..well except maybe the cup of tea you drink while wearing the Comfort Jumper while you’re curled up on the couch watching X-Factor!



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10 responses to “Baby it’s cold outside…

  1. Ooohhh I LOVE comfort jumpers. My friend and I had matching ones, we called them ‘bum jumpers’ because they were old & comfy & kind baggy. Not the most attractive items of clothing, but they were our favourites! I must find myself a new one actually…

  2. Ahhh!! that paired with skinny jeans/trousers = love. Maybe even my gym trousers hehe

    The epitome of comfort 🙂

  3. Lovely! It was freezing here all week (and by freezing, I mean in the mid-20s) so I was starting to get excited about fall autumn and then yesterday was back to its usual sweatiness… Yuck.

  4. Haha sounds like the perfect weekend evening. Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend dear 🙂

  5. I have to get me that jumper comfy clothes are everything to me!

  6. it is really lovely ^^
    awww! i want winter so bad! here in the canary islands we have to wait too much. today i went to the beach and the heat was suffocating…
    i want to drink hot tea and wear comfort jumpers!!
    you enjoy it =)!!!

    PL ♥

  7. Oooo I havent seen this yet! Hopefully I’ll get in work tomorrow and it will be there, it looks so cosy!!

    I have been an awful blogger this weekend, I’ve been AWOL all weekend as my friend has been visiting and i havent had a spare moment to blog! I’m gonna blog my ass off all night now though!!


  8. love it, makes me want to curl up with a cuppa definitely!

  9. Ahhhh…Snappity-Snap!!! She gave it right back to them :)-
    She’s awesome and handled herself very professionally and well. Luv this gal ♥

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